pull my finger

Came across this in some post I sent out several years ago  –    thought we all need a laugh so sending it out again now.  Should be an easy one for Swallwell folks.
Feel  free to insert your politicians name in the right spaces.

Remember the old joke grampa or uncle (name) used to pull on the young kids?

He would tell the kid to pull his finger and then he would let loose a big fart.

That is what ‘PIGLOSI’  will do with ‘SCHIFF’… Here ‘SCHIFF’, pull my finger… and ‘Schiff’ will do it.

The passage of that FART will be smelled by all America and you can thank ‘SCHIFF’ for pulling the ‘PIGLOSI’ FINGER.

Jackie Juntti
WGEN idzrus@earthlink.net

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