Supreme Court throws out convictions in Bridgegate scandal

READ: Supreme Court's ruling on 'Bridgegate'The Supreme Court unanimously threw out the convictions of two former New Jersey officials involved in the state’s “Bridgegate” scandal on Thursday. Justice Elena Kagan wrote that the aides — Bridget Anne Kelly and Bill Baroni, allies of former Gov. Chris Christie (R) — “used deception” to cut access lanes from Fort Lee, New Jersey, to the bridge “for no reason” other than “political payback” against Fort Lee’s mayor, who had refused to endorse Christie’s re-election.

Evidence clearly shows corruption and power abuse, but Kelly and Baroni “could not have violated the federal-program fraud or wire fraud laws” because they didn’t “aim to obtain money or property,” Kagan wrote.

Baroni began his 18-month prison sentence last year; Kelly was scheduled to begin her 13-month sentence two weeks before the Supreme Court agreed to hear her case.

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