News from Real Clear Politics, Friday, May 8th 2020

New Red Flags Emerging From FBI’s Handling of Flynn Case. Mark Hemingway examines irregularities and protocol failures.

Local Media Blitz From Mike Pence. Phil Wegmann reports on the veep’s longstanding messaging strategy, which the pandemic has heightened in recent weeks.

A Wake-Up Call to Head Off an Election Nightmare. Myra Adams counts the ways that the f-bomb (fraud charges) could detonate on Nov. 3 if states don’t beef up their mail-in-ballot capabilities and security in the coronavirus age.

The Delicate Calculus of Reopening. Each community must weigh myriad factors unique to its own population before returning to business amid the pandemic, writes Sen. Ben Cassidy, M.D.

As COVID Brings New Repression, Democracies Must Push Back. Michael J. Abramowitz and David J. Kramer list telltale signs of creeping authoritarian expansion around the world, and how free nations can counter it.

Schools Risk Drowning in Red Ink. In RealClearPolicy, Max Eden warns that the combination of local, state, and federal dollars that fund public education are taking big hits from the shutdowns.

To Speed Vaccine Development, Infect Me With COVID. RealClearScience editor Ross Pomeroy explains why he has offered himself as a test subject for promising vaccines.

How Paper Tigers Are Made at the U.N., Chinese-Style. In RealClearInvestigations, Richard Bernstein exposes China’s co-opting of global governance.

V-E Day Through the Eyes of a Combat Soldier. In RealClearDefense, Francis Sempa quotes letters his father wrote from Europe in May 1945.

A Mother’s Day Prayer for a Nigerian Miracle. In RealClearReligion, Lela Gilbert reminds readers of the young Christian woman abducted by Boko Haram in 2018 and still missing.

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