According to well-understood, Bible-proven historical accounts, when a nation that was established as God-centered begins to stray into sin and depravity, God corrects that nation.  The most common, if not exclusive ways God corrects a nation is either to allow its enemies victory over his errant nation, or God causes a national calamity to occur through natural means, like earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, famines, floods and plagues — all the powers that only God controls no matter what the Climate Change enthusiasts contend.

The bad news for the United States and its people, is that when an otherwise God-centered individual sins against God, God corrects that person individually, but when an entire, formerly God-centered nation sins against God, God deals with that nation nationally.  It is important, and perhaps informative for many people to know, that God only corrects his own children, meaning that God will eventually utterly destroy a Godless nation, while, “correcting”, a nation that has turned against him.

Is Covid-19 a plague God has sent upon the United States?  Consider this:  Out of all the confirmed Covid-19 infections worldwide, the United States has suffered a full 1/3 of them.  This, in spite of the fact Covid-19 infected other less advanced nations much earlier than the first case diagnosed in the United States.  Was Covid-19 an act of war by China?  It is possible, and it is also possibly an unintended accident that was handled irresponsibly by China.  Remember that God will allow an enemy to punish or even overrun a formerly God-centered nation.  We saw that on 9/11/2001.  When a nation remains God-centered, God protects that nation from its enemies, but when that nation strays from God, God allows its enemy to succeed.

The Bible recounts several times God allowed enemies of a corrupted Israel to completely overrun that nation and carry off her inhabitants as slaves for many years until the people of Israel returned to God and began to keep his Commandments again.  The Bible also points to the Lost Tribes of Israel crossing the Caucuses Mountains (thereafter called Caucasians) and entering what is now the British Isles.  Thereafter, their descendants crossed the Atlantic and established the United States.  There are many Americans who don’t have a clue they have some level of Hebrew ancestry.

The United States was once a fully, God-centered nation, but it has become corrupt through violating God’s Commandments, particularly sexual depravity like Homosexuality, and by extension, the act of murdering God’s unborn babies in the womb so Mommy can keep having strange sex without the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy.  If the WWII crowd truly was America’s Greatest Generation, (and I believe it was) today’s Americans are, generally, the very worst generation we have ever produced, mostly because God’s influence in the United States has been severely diminished and is openly scorned by many Americans to the point they publicly state as such.  That has never happened in the United States before this generation raised its ugly head.

People who don’t study God’s Word to get to know him, become overly comfortable in their corruption because God has remained silent and allowed our nation to prosper in spite of our collective error.  That is because God is long-suffering and patient as long as there is a solid population that still worships him and is trying to correct those who err against him.  But when God has had enough, he’s had enough!  Once that happens, God’s wrath becomes immediate and severe.  We are currently experiencing an existential threat from Covid-19, to our lives, our health and our economic prosperity, and yet I’m not seeing enough pain to cause enough Americans to return to God yet.  They clearly have not learned their lesson, and if they don’t begin to turn around very soon, I’m concerned God will simply slam the lid on the United States of America.

How bad has it become?  Well in addition to murdering unborn babies and our general acceptance of sexual depravity, many of our own Protestant churches and their pastors are teaching that God just loves, loves, loves everybody, and that practicing Homosexuals will be forgiven along with active thieves, adulterers, those who bear false witness, etc.  So those corrupt pastors of God’s Word have a strong following of congregants because they are telling their people what they want to hear, rather than what they need to hear from God, and of course, the money flows to their plates as a reward for doing Satan’s works.  Truly, our nation is in the worst spiritual state it has ever been since its creation, and I fear our stiff-necked, God-ignorant people will wait until things get really bad here before they finally seek God’s mercy.  In the meantime, they are dragging us true Christians down with them — and we will all suffer just the same as they will, because or nation has mostly turned against God nationally and we have been loathe to speak out against it, for fear we might be shouted down.  Well, if we don’t have the guts to speak up, we deserve to suffer with the evil ones equally, because doing nothing and saying nothing is no different than approving that behavior in God’s eyes.

As much as I like Donald Trump as our president, even he is soft on Homosexuality, as if being a Homosexual is no different than being born Black.  Well when God tells us he regards Homosexuality as an abomination, and not a, “mere”, sin, we better listen and straighten up, “or else”.  If you are a Christian and you are too afraid to stand up for Jesus in the face of derision against him and God’s Laws, what good are you as a Christian?  And remember this:  Jesus warned us all that if we are ashamed of him before man, Jesus will be ashamed of us when we are standing before God.  You don’t want Jesus to be ashamed of you on that coming day, believe me.

Nevertheless, I think we just entered the era of, “or else”, and unless there is a very strong return to God and his son, Jesus in this nation, I foresee a very rocky road ahead of us all.


Carl F. Worden

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