I believe Tara Reade is really pissed-off at Joe Biden, and she’s repeatedly demanded he step down as a candidate, but I hope she’s not successful in getting Biden replaced as the Democrat nominee.  I’d feel robbed if Biden stepped down!

I can’t wait to see Biden face-off with Trump in the coming debates.  Trump will drag that liar through a knot-hole and publicly destroy him with his Ukraine and China baggage.  Trump will let Biden make a fool of himself on national TV, and will be gracious enough not to point out the obvious fact Biden is demented and unfit to be president.  Trump will let the audience figure that out for themselves.

Sure, Trump would still beat Sanders or Bloomberg or Buttigieg, but we’d forever be denied putting Biden on full display, especially after it appears the newly released documents will show Biden conspired with Obama to spy on Trump and try to overthrow our government.  No Liberal moderator will ever be able to stop Trump from pummeling Biden into the dust.

Heck, a Trump-Biden debate would be better than any reality show out there!

Carl F. Worden

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