Linda Hirshman’s Pretend Virtue – American Thinker

How far can we go before demise ?  Pretend everything,  make up the verbiage as you go, new words, change one organization name to another, change History, change the Bible, worse — pretend it is irrelevant .   To the left ,, it is all “irrelevant” .   I believe our LORD is calling us to stand = I pray to do so until the end and I pray the same for all of us.

Linda Hirshman’s Pretend Virtue

There you have it. For 40 years, Hirshman and other feminists have been pretending to care about women when what they really care about is politics. So what if Mary Jo Kopechne died in Ted Kennedy’s car? He supported the ERA! That’s what passes as a distasteful moral choice to these people. And that’s the same calculation she’s using when she tells us she believes Reade’s story about what Biden did to her but she’s voting for Biden anyway. “The Trump administration, and the Republican Party that he represents, are unassailably the political equivalent of [a] shipwreck. Offering only hatred, rejecting facts, refusing accountability, they represent the wreckage of the American ship of state.” And, she says, “when you are faced with a distasteful moral choice, it can be useful to be reminded of the immensity of the stakes in making that choice.” It also helps if you completely ignore how immense the stakes of Biden’s sexual conduct are for the women he’s touched, sniffed, fondled, and harassed over his career as a powerful Democrat.

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