Campbell says it’s time for change at Tennessee House

James Campbell runs to represent Columbia at the state House - YouTube

A picture of left movement!

Maury County Democrat James Campbell said he won’t let Republican Scott Cepicky, R-Culleoka, run for re-election to the District 64 seat in the Tennessee House without a fight.

“I can’t let my opponent run unopposed, representing a party which is so out of touch with the needs of the majority of Tennesseans,” Campbell said. “Thomas Jefferson said ‘when injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty.’ So I guess it’s my duty to put my name on the ballot. It’s the duty of all Tennesseans to take their state back.”

Campbell told The Daily Herald that it is time for a change in Columbia and Maury County’s representation at the state House.

“We can do a lot better,” Campbell said. “I want to give the people of Maury County a choice.”

The seat has remained predominantly in the hands of the Republican Party for the past decade.

Columbia Firefighter Ty Cobb’s election to the post for a single term ending in 2010, was the last time a Democrat occupied the position.

If elected, Campbell said he will work to expand Medicaid in the district, support the state’s struggling rural hospitals and tackle the nation’s widening wealth gap, emphasizing that the state’s own districts have become a product of gerrymandering.

He said the outbreak of the coronavirus only sheds light on the need for expanded care in the state.

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