The End Game: The Technocrats Spare No Cost to Human Life

The ramifications this COVID crisis nonsense holds for Liberty in America is more than troubling, to say the least. It is quite possibly the worst thing we will ever see come our way in our lifetime, given the early indications and the methods and extent we now know our governments at all levels are willing to go.

As they ease it back in most states now, hopefully most Americans really will seek a path back to the “normal” that existed before all this madness was unleashed upon us. Everybody better reject this Newspeak crap and refuse to allow the Democrats, the RINOs, the communists, globalists, statists and technocrats of this country control the narrative to effect a terribly evil change upon our country, through their “new normal”. We must reject anything and everything, they propose in the coming months and years, that limits our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness in any manner.

The recent events Americans have witnessed being birthed by “the Virus” hoax have shown, without any doubt, that our freedom and liberty is ever so fragile and our elected officials, by and large, are not to be trusted to uphold their oaths to defend and protect the same. Continue reading 

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