News According to RealClear Politics May 11, 2020

One-on-One With Maria Bartiromo. Tom Bevan interviews the Fox Business host in this RCP Takeaway video.

The Mother Who Raised the Father of Our Country. For Mother’s Day, I interviewed Craig Shirley about his biography of Mary Ball Washington.

A Mother’s Day of Mourning in Black Communities. It was a grim holiday in many U.S. cities as African Americans learned the details of yet another racially motivated murder, Antjuan Seawright writes.

Kayleigh McEnany Has the Right Stuff. Frank Miele explains why the new White House press secretary is well suited to her job.

Stress Pandemic Rx: Open Economy Fast.  Thomas W. Smith urges political leaders and the media to quit fearmongering and respect citizens’ rights to get back to work as they see fit.

Voters Agree: Child Care Is Essential. Michael Meyers and Anna Greenberg report 87% of Americans, including 82% of Republicans, say day care providers deserve federal financial support during the pandemic.

 “1619” Pulitzer Will Boost Socialist Teaching in Schools. Mike Gonzalez asserts that the prize awarded last week will accelerate implementation of a curriculum that advocates socialism as the best path to racial equity.

PPP Gets the Truth About Jobs Backward. RealClearMarkets editor John Tamny warns that once the lockdown ends, businesses long on labor they don’t need will face a second reckoning.

Iraq’s New Prime Minister Is the Right Man for the Job. Michael Rubin explains why in RealClearDefense.

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