This Day in History September 25th

This day in historySeptember 25 is the 268th day of the year (269th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 97 days remaining until the end of the year




General events on September 25th

In 1690, Publick Occurrences Both Forreign and Domestick, the first newspaper to appear in the Americas, is published for the first and only time.

File:Fletcher Christian's house.jpg

Fletcher Christian’s House

In 1764Fletcher Christian, English navy officer was born (d. 1793)

In 1804, The Teton Sioux (a subdivision of the Lakota) demand one of the boats from the Lewis and Clark Expedition as a toll for moving further upriver.

In 1849, Johann Strauss I, Austrian composer died (b. 1804)

In 1868, The Imperial Russian steam frigate Alexander Nevsky is shipwrecked off Jutland while carrying Grand Duke Alexei of Russia.

In 1911, Ground is broken for Fenway Park in Boston

In 1912Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism is founded in New York City.

In 1915Ethel Rosenberg, Soviet spy was born(d. 1953)

In 1977, About 4,200 people take part in the first running of the Chicago Marathon.

In 1996, The last of the Magdalene asylums closes in Ireland.


Government and Politics on September 25th

In 1555, The Peace of Augsburg is signed in Augsburg by Charles V and the princes of the Schmalkaldic League.

In 1789, The United States Congress passes twelve amendments to the United States Constitution: the Congressional Apportionment Amendment (which was never ratified), the Congressional Compensation Amendment, and the ten that are known as the Bill of Rights.

In 1890, The U.S. Congress establishes Sequoia National Park.

In 1926, The international Convention to Suppress the Slave Trade and Slavery is first signed.

In 1955, The Royal Jordanian Air Force is founded.

In 1957, Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, is integrated by the use of United States Army troops.

In 1962, The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is formally proclaimed. Ferhat Abbas is elected President of the provisional government.

In 1963, Lord Denning releases the UK government’s official report on the Profumo Affair.

In 1969, The charter establishing the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation is signed.

In 1972, In a referendum, the people of Norway reject membership of the European Community.

In 1981, Belize joins the United Nations.

In 2007, On a local issue, finally someone is going to try to legally stopped this infuriating practice of government expansion into private enterprise. In a letter to the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga Chairman Joe Ferguson, Stacy Briggs, with the Tennessee Cable Telecommunications Association, stated that “Venture after venture have proven to be a tremendous waste of public time and money. Many municipal ventures were made to sell at a tremendous loss.” On September 21st, the TCTA filed suit against the EPB.

In 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in a joint TV appearance for a G-20 summit, accused Iran of building a secret nuclear enrichment facility.


War, Crime and Disaster events on September 25th

In 275, In Rome, (after the assassination of Aurelian), the Senate proclaims Marcus Claudius Tacitus Emperor.

In 762, Led by Muhammad al-Nafs al-Zakiyya, the Hasanid branch of the Alids begins the Alid Revolt against the Abbasid Caliphate.

The road bridge at Stamford Bridge over the River Derwent.jpg

Stamford Bridge

In 1066, The Battle of Stamford Bridge marks the end of the Viking invasions of England.

In 1396Ottoman Emperor Bayezid I defeats a Christian army at the Battle of Nicopolis.

In 1775American Revolutionary War: Ethan Allen surrenders to British forces after attempting to capture Montreal during the Battle of Longue-Pointe. Benedict Arnold and his expeditionary company set off from Fort Western, bound for Quebec City.

In 1846, U.S. forces led by Zachary Taylor capture the Mexican city of Monterrey.

In 1911, An explosion of badly degraded propellant charges on board the French battleship Liberté detonates the forward ammunition magazines and destroys the ship.

In 1915World War I: The Second Battle of Champagne begins.

In 1937, Second Sino-Japanese War: The Chinese Eighth Route Army gains a minor, but morale-boosting victory in the Battle of Pingxingguan.

In 1942, World War II: Swiss Police Instruction of September 25, 1942 – this instruction denied entry into Switzerland to Jewish refugees.

In 1944, World War II: Surviving elements of the British 1st Airborne Division withdraw from Arnhem in the Netherlands, thus ending the Battle of Arnhem and Operation Market Garden.

In 1959, Solomon Bandaranaike, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka is mortally wounded by a Buddhist monk, Talduwe Somarama, and dies the next day.

In 1962, The North Yemen Civil War begins when Abdullah as-Sallal dethrones the newly crowned Imam al-Badr and declares Yemen a republic under his presidency.

In 1970, Cease-fire between Jordan and the Fedayeen ends fighting triggered by four hijackings on September 6 and 9.

In 1978, PSA Flight 182, a Boeing 727-214, collides in mid-air with a Cessna 172 and crashes in San Diego, resulting in the deaths of 144 people.

In 1983, Maze Prison escape: 38 republican prisoners, armed with 6 handguns, hijack a prison meals lorry and smash their way out of the Maze prison. It is the largest prison escape since WWII and in British history.

In 2002, The Vitim event, a possible bolide impact in Siberia, Russia.

In 2003, A magnitude-8.0 earthquake strikes just offshore Hokkaidō, Japan.


Human Achievement and Science events on September 25th

In 1513, Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa reaches what would become known as the Pacific Ocean.

In 1906, In the presence of the king and before a great crowd, Leonardo Torres Quevedo successfully demonstrates the invention of the Telekino in the port of Bilbao, guiding a boat from the shore, in what is considered the birth of the remote control.

Lt. General James Doolittle, head and shoulders.jpg

Lt. General James Doolittle

In 1929, Jimmy Doolittle performs the first blind flight from Mitchel Field proving that full instrument flying from take off to landing is possible.

In 1956, TAT-1, the first submarine transatlantic telephone cable system, is inaugurated.

In 1974, The first ulnar collateral ligament replacement surgery (Tommy John surgery) performed, on baseball player Tommy John.

In 1992, NASA launches the Mars Observer, a $511 million probe to Mars, in the first U.S. mission to the planet in 17 years. Eleven months later, the probe would fail.

In 2008, China launches the spacecraft Shenzhou 7.


Arts and Prose events on September 25th

In 1599Francesco Borromini, Swiss-Italian architect, designed the San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane and Sant’Agnese in Agone was born (d. 1667)

In 1790, Peking opera is born when the Four Great Anhui Troupes introduce Anhui opera to Beijing in honor of the Qianlong Emperor‘s eightieth birthday.

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