Trump says US has ‘prevailed’ on testing

More than 80,000 people in the U.S. have died from the coronavirus, and the numbers will continue to rise as states decide to reopen.

The White House is now requiring all employees to wear masks in public spaces in the West Wing, with the exception of President Trump. The administration is also recommending all nursing homes test residents and staff over the next two weeks.

We’ll start at the White House, where President Trump has all but declared “mission accomplished”:

Trump says US has ‘prevailed’ on testing

President Trump on Monday declared his administration had “prevailed” on testing. He cited the increase in resources, which have allowed the U.S. to conduct more than 9 million tests to date.

The briefing was part of the White House effort to contain the fallout of positive coronavirus tests within its own walls, simultaneously projecting confidence about America’s readiness to reopen while implementing new protocols meant to limit exposure inside the building.

Two giant banners hung behind the podium declaring “America Leads The World In Testing.” Meanwhile, roughly a dozen White House officials seated a few feet apart from one another were all wearing masks, and speakers used a different podium several feet away from the president.

“We’re transitioning to greatness,” Trump said, predicting the country would see a significant turnaround by the end of the year.

The rhetoric: Trump’s testing czar Adm. Brett Giroir said “everybody who needs a test can get a test,” including those who have symptoms and those who have come in contact with individuals who have tested positive. Trump at times appeared to go a step further, saying every American who wants to get tested daily as they return to work could do so “very soon.”

The reality: Testing is ramping up. People who are symptomatic, or who work in the White House, can get a test. But everyone needs a test, including asymptomatic people, and we don’t have close to that capacity yet. Ironically, this is how the White House caught the positive case from Pence’s press secretary, but Trump has continually been unable or unwilling to grasp the benefits of widespread testing.

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