Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan Models Judicial Courage in the Age of ...

I was hoping for the best in the Flynn Case, but my instincts seldom fail me, and just as I suspected, instead of dismissing the DOJ Case against General Michael Flynn, Dirty Judge Sullivan instead has invited outside opinions to be submitted to him before he makes his final decision, and he has left the date of that decision open, meaning all 2,000 of those Deep State former DOJ scum who signed a petition condemning the DOJ for recommending Flynn’s charges be dropped, will file what are called Amicus Briefs in support of Flynn’s conviction.

If you can find a picture of Judge Sullivan, you will gaze upon the face of pure evil.  Fortunately, it was anticipated Judge Sullivan would do something like this, so an ethics complaint has already been prepared to file against him.  But to put General Flynn, a man entirely innocent of the charges made against him, through even more stress and worry after what has already been done to him is an act of inexplicable evil beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed to date.

Naturally, there is going to be a call for term limits on lower court federal judges.  This Human trash Sullivan managed to get appointed to a lifetime post, so he doesn’t think anyone can do anything about it, but apparently he forgot about God.  If there is anything God hates more than a corrupt judge, it is a corrupt pastor who falsely teaches his congregation about the Word of God.  Short of that scum, a dirty judge like Sullivan comes in a strong second in God’s view.

So enjoy your life, prestige and your money, Dirty Judge Sullivan, because your days left on this earth at your age are dwindling fast toward that day you will surely die, and then you will face the supreme judge of all, God Almighty, who knows your every thought and motive.  Let’s see you try to talk your way out of the ultimate death sentence, where both your body and soul will be burned into nonexistence, and rid the rest of us of your evil forever and ever.  Amen.

Carl F. Worden

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