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If you haven’t made study of Bible prophesy, which has proved to be exactly 100% accurate, you are in a state of confusion trying to understand what is happening, and more importantly, why it is happening.

Bible prophesy tells us to expect the formation of a one-world government, led by an emerging charismatic leader who will take the reins of that worldwide government.  How he does this is not defined, but he will take power, “peacefully and prosperously”, not by force, but by deception.  This individual will appear to the whole world as a solution to what I can only describe as a worldwide crisis of some kind.  Right now, we’re dealing with a vicious virus that has sickened and killed people all over the world, and has threatened the very stability of just about every nation’s economy.  But know this:  Those who are described as, “Globalists”, know they cannot achieve a complete one world government unless and until the United States economy crashes, and they are willing to let our entire population suffer in order to achieve that goal.

I know it is hard for many people to wrap their heads around that statement, but consider this:  In just eight short years, President Barack Obama, a Globalist,  doubled our national debt from $10 trillion dollars to almost $20 trillion dollars, an astonishing, “achievement”, considering it took the United States 240 years to reach a $10 trillion dollar debt.  That debt has now grown to over $23 trillion dollars, but with the infusion of government debt incurred in the recently passed relief measures, the reality is that we are now about $30 trillion dollars in debt, an amount that is rapidly approaching the point our economy will crash due to our inability to pay even the interest payments due on that debt, and means national default.  Yes, I know President Trump is touting that we’re currently paying zero percent interest on that debt, but just one slight uptick in that rate and we’re all in deep trouble.

With all this, House Speaker Pelosi has introduced another enhanced bill, filled to the max with pork, for additional relief that will cost American taxpayers another $3 trillion dollars!  Who in their right mind would even consider doing that unless they were actively trying to crash the American economy?  Can you come to any other possible conclusion?

I recently watched a video of the Mayor of Chicago, another Globalist, discussing her intent to force the United States into the New World Order.  As much as normal people have a hard time understanding why any American would want this, you only have to look at the actions of these Globalists to understand that they see crashing the American economy as the key to disarming Americans and forcing America to fall under one world governance.

As it turns out, right now we’ve almost reached the tipping point where half of all Americans support the Satanic policies of the Democrat Party, and the goals of the Democrat Party are to realize a one world government system that employs Socialism as its mode of government.

Bible prophesy tells us that this mysterious charismatic individual, who will run the one world government, will perform incredible miracles, even being able to call fire down from the sky.  He will do things that will restore prosperity in the short term, and he will enjoy such great worldwide popularity that he will eventually declare that he is the promised Messiah, the son of God who has finally returned and made all things right.  The correct Bible translation calls this act, “The abomination of the Desolator”, literally claiming himself to be God.

But the Bible also tells us this person is not Jesus, but is in fact Satan in Human form, deceiving the whole world to believe he is the real Jesus, and even though most Bibles refer to him as the Anti-Christ, the corrected translation is that he is, “Instead of Christ”.  The Bible warns us that the whole world will, “whore after him”, because they did not study the Word of God to know the difference.  Only a relatively small number of the Bible-educated world population will know he is the false messiah, and they will stand against him.  That small group is referred to in the Bible as God’s Elect or God’s Election, those who know the prophesies well enough to realize the Anti-Christ comes to earth before the real Jesus returns to overthrow him.

Many people, even those who claim to be Christians, will mistakenly worship the Anti-Christ, thinking he is the true Jesus, and when they are forced to realize they’ve been worshiping Satan himself, they are going to be so filled with abject despair, they are going to ask the mountains fall down upon them.

God gave us all a letter that far too many people refuse to read, let alone study and understand.  As Jesus said, “Behold, I have told you all things”, meaning we have been warned and prepared for exactly what we are seeing before our very eyes right now.  The unprecedented, worldwide events we are witnessing tell all of us who do know God’s Word that a great worldwide catastrophe is about to unfold, and immediately following that, the Anti-Christ will assume world power.

I do know the Bible prophesy tells us that Israel and Jordan will escape Anti-Christ and the New World Order, and because the United States is a staunch ally of Israel, and many of our forebears who established this nation are descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel, I am hoping the United States also escapes, but I do not know that as a matter of fact from Bible scripture.  There are things God left out, and God always has a very good reason for everything he does.  Our current President is obviously against the United States giving up her sovereignty and joining the one-world government, and as long as he remains in office he will continue to be a major stumbling block to the Globalist Agenda.  But if Trump loses the next election, or if he dies in office, all bets are off.

Carl F. Worden

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