Washington gov: Those who don’t cooperate with ‘contact tracers’ and tests not allowed to leave home

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The state will provide ‘family support personnel’ to check in on the non-compliant.

OLYMPIA, Washington, May 14, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Washington Governor Jay Inslee said that people who “refuse to cooperate with contact tracers” or refuse coronavirus testing won’t be allowed to leave their homes even to go to the grocery store or pharmacy.

“When it comes to contact tracing, how are you guys going to handle people or families who want to refuse to test or to self isolate? If they want to leave their home to get groceries I know you’ve said they can’t do that; how will you make sure they don’t?” a reporter asked him.

“We will have attached to the families a family support person who will check in with them to see what they need on a daily basis,” he responded. “If they can’t get a friend to do their grocery shopping, we will help get them groceries in some fashion. If they need pharmaceuticals to be picked up, we will make sure they get their pharmaceuticals… That’s going to help encourage them to maintain their isolation too.”

“Therefore, those individuals that refuse to cooperate with contact tracers and/or refuse testing, those individuals will not be allowed to leave their homes to purchase basic necessities such as groceries and/or prescriptions. Those persons will need to make arrangements through friends, family, or a state provided ‘family support personnel,’” the Lynwood Times summarized.

Inslee announced that as the state begins to relax restrictions and open up its economy, health officials will focus on contact tracing and isolation of infected individuals with the help of over 1,300 newly trained “contact tracers” who will begin work this Friday, May 15.

Critics were quick to point out disturbing aspects of the new effort in the Evergreen State.

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