Jackson mayor reviewing Generals expenses, future of team still murky

Editor’s Note: You just don’t get it… this has been going on for almost 30 years and now it shows up and the current mayor appears surprised as do long standing members of council. Is this report by the Sun now opening eyes? Were members of council deceived or just plain uninterested or down right stupid? If you are a citizen of Jackson, it kind of makes you wonder about either the competency or the compliance of those serving today and in the past?

The Sun is being kind to the current office in its report:

The office of Jackson Mayor Scott Conger confirmed it has been reviewing the city’s baseball-related spending practices.

Conger said the review began after he was sworn into office last year but has picked up following a recent investigation by the Jackson Sun detailing a system where city officials worked with the Jackson Generals to avoid public disclosure laws and hide reimbursements the city is now scrutinizing.

“We’re doing some internal review because I want to know the information,” he said.”But we know the Comptroller is also doing a review and will make a determination based on their forensic look about what we should do.”

Under Conger the city self-reported several financial issues to the Comptroller in August 2019, with one of those issues being the Jackson Generals.

The Sun’s investigation found the city was reimbursing the team for in-kind trades the team made with local businesses. The Generals would swap things like media advertising spots and equipment from local businesses for items it said were of equal value, like suites, tickets and stadium billboard advertisements.

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Going back through the years you may find this practice equaled less than 1/2 of the funds that moved annually into the pockets of others. The difficult part is not proving it… but what do you do with the culpritss?

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