If you get hired for even a menial job you qualified for only because you lied about your education and/or experience, you’ll be fired the moment your new employer finds out about your deception.

If you are a talented liar like Barack Obama, you can win the Presidency of the United States, even though you lied repeatedly to the public about your true intentions as a candidate.  When it became obvious Obama had lied his way into the Oval Office, the only possible option for us voter-citizens who were deceived is to wait four whole years to vote against re-electing him again, and if the opposing party foists an un-electable, mealy mouthed moron like Mitt Romney on their voters as the only alternative choice, the chance jive-talkin’ used car salesman Obama would get re-elected was assured.

Now I know, even as I write this, that some of you are dismissing my complaint on the basis that there’s nothing anyone can do about this problem, and if that is what you believe, it becomes true because you and so many other Americans are negative thinkers where it comes to campaign laws.  You have come to believe nothing can be done about the status quo, so why bother to try?  Well, that’s what the pathological liars are counting on, so congratulations, you damned fools.

I am somewhat ashamed to admit I voted for Barack Obama the first time.  I write, “somewhat”, because the other choice was McCain, and he was a NeoCon warmonger just like Bush 43, who had run our national debt up to $10 trillion dollars and got a whole bunch of our kids maimed for life or killed for nothing gained at all during Bush 43’s little Iraq disaster.

However, if Obama had been required to state his intended policies truthfully, under penalty of being removed from office before his term ran out, I might very well have voted for McCain anyway.  Let’s face it:  Barack Obama was literally the very worst President the United States has ever elected, and I know very well Obama was un-electable because he was not born an American citizen.  I know this because, unlike any other previous presidential candidate, Obama went to incredible and expensive lengths to permanently hide and destroy his personal and educational history.  A person doesn’t do that unless he’s got something really big to hide, and Obama was a true Manchurian Candidate.

What is your time worth?  How long does it take you to drive to a polling station, stand in line and finally vote?  We have vote-by-mail in Oregon, and it took me well over 45 minutes to complete my ballot and drive to the Post Office to drop it off and drive back.  Your time (and your gasoline) is definitely worth something, so if a candidate lies about his/her true intentions and you voted for that person based upon believing those lies, then you have been defrauded and are a victim of theft by deception — the intended theft of your vote.  So you have everything to lose by voting for a lying candidate, and the candidate has everything to gain by lying to get a high-paying office job!

The real problem is that there are no consequences for people who choose to lie to gain public office, and as a deceived voter, you have no way to recoup your stolen vote.

What’s even worse is the fact there are many talented and convincing liars out there, even if they have a relatively solid education, so when you find out that, education or not, they are incompetent or so crooked that when they die, we’ll have to screw them into the ground, you can’t even fire them!

Oh, and about that education:  The fact that you passed the tests and got the diploma means only that you are good at retaining facts; it does not mean you are resourceful, creative or intelligent, let alone honest.  I’ve know far too many highly-educated people who don’t have the common sense to look both ways before they cross a street, and the very last job they should ever hold is the Presidency or even a Representative or Senator in Congress.  They simply lack competence.  President Jimmy Carter was a nuclear submarine commander, highly educated and yet completely incompetent to be President.  Carter literally screwed-up everything he ever touched as President, so don’t ever fall for the, “highly educated”, angle because it really means nothing at all!

When a candidate for office states what his/her policies are, they need to be required to sign a contract attesting that they will diligently pursue those policies while in office.  Right now, they get away with claiming they have acquired more facts than they had when campaigning, and that is why they did a complete 180 U-turn by voting for measures they originally said they were against.  When you vote, you are attempting to hire a person who will support policies you support.  If that candidate turns around and votes the opposite of what you supported, you should have a right to sue that SOB for everything they are worth, making lying to get into office a much more risky endeavor than it is right now.  Right now, you are rewarded for lying into public office with zero downside.

We must put a stop to this.

Carl F. Worden

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