So Attorney General Barr stated today that his pit bull prosecutor, John Durham, won’t be criminally investigating former President Obama or Democrat candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden?

Once again, we were told this Attorney General is a man of great integrity, a true patriot, a man dedicated to the rule of law, and blah, blah, blah!  Once again we find out he isn’t at all as advertised.  We were told the same crap about Comey and Mueller too.  In fact, if anyone is being considered for an important government post and is described similarly, that person should be dropped from consideration immediately.

So what was Barr going to do if solid evidence is discovered that solidly implicates Obama as the instigator of all the unmaskings, leaks, the Russia Hoax, Mueller’s $40 million dollar waste of our time and Trump’s fake impeachment?  Was he planning to pull a Comey and say no responsible prosecutor would take the case?

Former presidents are not American Royalty:  They are private citizens after they leave office, and they are just as liable to face applicable criminal charges if warranted, as the guy who steals your Rolex at gunpoint so he can finance his next fix.  Criminal is criminal, and the Rule of Law is the Rule of Law, period.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that if the American people don’t load up their weapons and take Washington DC by force to arrest and put all these low-lifes on trial for their lives, we are going to keep getting the same results.  In other words, if we do nothing it’s the same as doing the same thing we’ve always done:  NOTHING.  So if we’re expecting different results from doing nothing repeatedly, doesn’t that suggest we’re all insane???

Carl F. Worden

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