Former Green Beret and son arrested over Ghosn escape

Former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn in Beirut, Lebanon, 14 January 2020

Federal prosecutors on Wednesday charged a former Green Beret and his son on suspicion that they helped former Nissan CEO and chairman Carlos Ghosn flee Japan to evade a Tokyo trial for alleged financial crimes.

The suspects, Michael Taylor and his son, Peter Taylor, were arrested for allegedly helping Ghosn sneak out of Japan inside a musical equipment box.

Ghosn disappeared from his court-monitored house in December, and later reappeared in Lebanon, where he holds citizenship.

Ghosn said he didn’t think he would get a fair trial in Japan (meaning he believed he would be convicted).

The Wall Street Journal reported that it sought comment from the Taylors’ lawyers, but they did not immediately respond.

Full details of the escape have never been fully explained. Mr Ghosn, who holds Brazilian, French and Lebanese nationalities, ran Renault and Nissan as part of a three-way car alliance.

He is accused of misreporting his compensation package, but has insisted he can never get a fair hearing in Japan.

Since his arrival in Lebanon, he has told reporters he was a “hostage” in Japan, where he was left with a choice between dying there or running.

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