MI. Governor Whitmer Considers Homosexual Swingers Club Essential and Wide Open, Churches Closed


By Ron Edwards  |  News with Views

Living in Michigan today makes it more and more easy to identify with the ongoing fight for liberty the Colonists had to pursue.  A three percent tax and regulations designed to control and inconvenience the people, became too much to take.  Britain’s King George, like all dictators derived a sick and demented pleasure from abusing the people throughout the colonies.  One regulation after another eventually forced colonial citizens to come out swinging against a brutal empire that would rather keep the citizenry in a state of grief and agony via bullying and brutish actions, than allow the people to freely operate in a way that would not only benefit themselves, but also bring in greater tax revenues via a more free and less regulated economy.

I believe that to a certain degree, God allowed the tyranny of King George to push the colonists to fight for liberty and justice for all.  The reason being, so that succeeding generations would have the justified war against overbearing government as a reminder about something that could be avoided.  Thus it is terrible that government school indoctrinators were literally encouraged to falsely instruct generations of American students about everything,  ranging from the history of the United States to figuring out math problems.  What is occurring is in football analogy an end and around.  Miraculously, “We the People” have maintained gun ownership, at least throughout the majority of our republic. That has so far prevented wholesale Chinese style government roundups of the citizenry for whatever warped government objective.

To topple our nation, Americans must be literally dumbed down to the point where they will gleefully give up their liberty for a false notion of safety.  It was Ben Franklin who stated,“anyone willing to give up their liberty for safety, deserve neither.” So here we are in places like Michigan where voters did not give a damn about their liberties and voted for governor Gretchen “Whitchmer”.  OK I know her name is actually Whitmer.  But if one checks out her beliefs along with her actions against our rights, along with trying to destroy the Michigan economy in order to politically harm Trump, you will agree with what I have dubbed her.  Personally, I cannot believe that people could be so retarded that they would blame President Trump for her harmful action and voluntarily vote for greater destruction via the voting booth.  But even dumber things have happened.

Liberty is like a garden, it must be nurtured, cultivated and maintained.  For it to expand generation to generation, the seeds of liberty must be planted via truthful instruction.  God tells us in his word to maintain good by both practicing it and then teaching it.  Liberty is good, thus I suggest we get off of our collective backsides and teach the young about liberty.  Then, we cannot allow wicked statists like Gretchen “Witchmer” and Islamic governor Wolf of Pennsylvania to destroy our good liberties and unalienable rights, which actually come from God.

The founding fathers and only three percent of the colonists fought and defeated the mighty British Empire with a little help from friends like France and Haiti. Then by all means, we the Refounding Fathers of today can overcome the leftists attempting to make us weary and overwhelmed by their continuous abuse. California governor Gavin Newsome wants to help drain America financially by giving millions, if not billions of dollars to illegal border crossers, while demanding billions of taxpayer dollars to shore up that state’s deficit.  In Michigan, the latest insult to decent sovereign citizens leaves no one guessing about what the governor thinks about the rights of those trying to live a good and decent life.  Proving there is low limit to the moral depravity of leftists, Michigan governor “Witchmer” has taken away the license of a 77 year old  barbershop owner who has no other source of income. Alcoholics cannot attend AA meetings, she hates the idea of Christians going to church, does not want us to celebrate Memorial Day. But unnatural sexual practitioners are free to do whatever they want.

In Lansing, MI the state capitol, there is a homosexual swinger’s club called Tabu. Unlike barber shops and other restricted businesses that “Witchmer” has dubbed as nonessential and are ordered closed, the homosexual swingers club is considered essential by the governor and is wide open.  Homosexual strangers service each other in the underground private club through literal holes in a basement wall. Yet that governor witch does not want barber shops where everything is sterilized opened? Something is awry here. The time has come to reestablish a vigorous “Don’t Tread on Me” movement. The time is now or never. With providential guidance, just like the Founders defeater Great Britain, we can defeat the wannabe dictators of today.   I am ready, are you?  God bless you, God Bless America and may America bless God.

© 2020 Ron Edwards – All Rights Reserved

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