So a bunch of absentee ballots were just discovered in Maryland for an election that took place in South Carolina.  Now, an elections judge in Philadelphia has been busted for vote fraud there.  Judicial Watch just settled a lawsuit where it was discovered that one million people who didn’t exist voted in Los Angeles County in a past election.  More and more of these stories are beginning to emerge, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s just practice for the 2020 national elections.

In my own state of Oregon, our governor got a motor voter registration law passed, then went about getting another law passed to allow illegal immigrants to get Oregon driver’s licenses.  Obviously, she knows those illegal immigrants will now be registered to vote in Oregon, albeit illegally, but enforcement of laws against election fraud has been scant, so most illegals can be rest-assured they can illegally Democrat and never get a knock on the door.  This scam is being pulled in just about every blue state run by Democrats.

I think this helps explain why we’re seeing such absurd election poll numbers reported, where tottering and confused Joe Biden is allegedly 11 points ahead of President Trump if the election were held today — which is so absurd it is laughable.  The crooked Pollsters, the Fake Media and the Liberals are all trying desperately to condition us to accept a stolen election, and I don’t think that’s a conspiracy theory.  I believe that will be the last desperate attempt by the Left to thwart the will of the people, steal the 2020 election through fraud and then fulfill their Globalist Agenda for America.

I see things going a totally different way.  Even though we’ve all known vote fraud is a growing problem, especially with mail-in ballot states like Oregon and the oft-repeated computerized voting machine, “problems”, we have continued to diligently cast our votes to affect changes we want, because the only alternative is to either let the Left roll over us, or kill every last one of them in the most horrific and violent civil war imaginable.

The problem is that Democrats never get Human Nature right in their heads, so they are assuming they can BS us into believing the nation had a massive change of heart and voted for Biden and House and Senate Democrats.  Short of that, they believe that even if we are positive we were had, we are too lazy and comfy to do anything violent about it.

They’re making a mistake.

Carl F. Worden

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