Liberal comedian Kathy Griffin posts tweet rooting for Trump’s death

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Headline‘I SURE DID, F*CKER’: Kathy Griffin Doubles Down On Hoping Trump Gets Stabbed With Potentially Fatal Air-Filled Syringe

What’s Up: Disgraced comedian Kathy Griffin posted a tweet encouraging the death of the president by stabbing him with a syringe full of air. And when she was called out on it, she unashamedly doubled down.

Quote: “Syringe with nothing but air inside it would do the trick.” – Griffin

The First take: As the media continues to call on Twitter to remove President Trump’s tweet about the death of Joe Scarborough’s intern, they are oddly silent on this. But that’s because threats against the life of someone they despise by someone who holds many of their own views is just not as interesting. For what it’s worth, Twitter is reportedly looking into the post. It remains to be seen what happens to Griffin as a result.

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