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Dear Friends and Friends of Friends,

This virus has had many “side effects”.  We are hearing more and more everyday of deaths, grief, suicides, jobs lost, businesses going out of business or not to return.  This pandemic, for loss of a better term, has created an international challenge.

As we look out over our community, we see the big box stores opening, but many small, family-owned businesses remain shuttered or just now opening.  In some states you can purchase liquor, marijuana and get an abortion but you cannot go to church.

Restaurants and travel businesses have been hit especially hard.  People are slowly beginning to return to their favorite restaurants.   Yet Fear still shouts at them from the National media.

Please allow me to highlight a family-owned, multi generational business that has been a landmark in Jackson for half a century.  The Brooks Shaw and Son Old Country Store started by Brooks and Anne  Shaw.

The company is now lead by Clark and Juanita Shaw with son Brooks serving as the General Manager.     In 1978 the store moved from its original location on Airways Blvd. to its current location at Casey Jones Village near I-40 where it has become a beloved institution to locals and folks from throughout Tennessee, the nation and welcomes visitors from around the world. For countless thousands their name is synonymous with Jackson Tennessee. They think of themselves as Jackson’s ambassadors of Hospitality!

Today son Brooks and daughter Elizabeth are now involved in the business as 3rd generation owners, with fresh new ideas on serving their great traditional southern foods and adding additional new food ideas that will draw the next generation of diners.  They plan to maintain many of their old favorites, including can’t live without healthy veggies, fried chicken, catfish, meatloaf and more.

We wanted you to know that well-known buffet is now transitioning to something we all grew up with and a way of dining that lives in our memories of going to Grandma’s house.

They will soon be serving their same great food  “family style”,  bringing large platters and bowls filled with our favorites to your table as well as several new items that will soon become favorites.   Your server will take your orders from your table of family or friends or business associates.   Your table will choose 3 meats and 4 vegetable sides, just like going to Grandmothers.   Your meal will also include soup, a bowl of mixed greens, homemade breads and dessert.  If you want more of anything… just ask!   You will not go away hungry.

BUT…….for those of us who feel we can’t live without the old buffet may we suggest you – GO NOW while the buffet you enjoyed for over half a century is still available.  The buffet is currently served by waiters with everything you desire in food but with maximum safety concerns.

Support this one of a kind, local, traditional family restaurant that has had made a huge commitment to our town for over 50 years.  Let us commit to them now our support in order to transition to this new and upcoming adventure.    Remember, we will still have our favorites, just a newer, creative, safer way of serving, but still committed to the same values as always.

They are open today, go fill up on their familiar Southern style great food, smiles and service.


Tom and Judy Truex Reed

Jeanie Todd

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