So Far, No Twitter Punishment for Kathy Griffin After Another Trump-should-die Tweet

So Far, No Twitter Punishment for Kathy Griffin After Another Trump-should-die TweetWritten by  R. Cort Kirkwood

Kathy Griffin, the has-been comedienne who wrecked her career after publishing a photo of herself holding a bloody, severed head that resembled President Trump, is at it again.

Apparently determined to finish what she started in 2017, the foul-mouthed redhead tweeted that the president should be injected with a syringe filled with air, which would cause an air bubble in his vein, and possibly, kill him.

Though the tweet was deleted because it violated Twitter’s rules, Twitter has not suspended the perpetually angry woman’s account, a not surprising pass given that the social-media platform, as The New American reported today, permits its own executives to violate its rules with impunity.

The Tweet
The occasion of Griffin’s latest outrage was her tweet that replied to one from CNN’s White House reporter, Jim Acosta, who had observed that Trump, speaking at an event about protecting seniors with diabetes, said he doesn’t use insulin.

Replied Griffin, “Syringe with nothing but air on the inside should do the trick. F*** Trump.”

Such an injection would result in a potentially fatal air or gas embolism, which might travel to the heart or brain.

When the Washington Examiner tweeted its story about Griffin’s remark, she was unchastened: “I SURE DID, F***ER.”

To another individual who tweeted that Twitter was looking into it, she was even nastier: “Go f*** yourself. Do you wanna tussle with me, you f***ing amateur?”

Regardless, the original tweet “is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules,” the social-media site’s replacement notice says.

Dox the Covington Kids
Twitter is, of course, selective in what it requires radical leftists to delete.

Example: Griffin’s crazy tweets after the media smeared Covington Catholic High School kids as racists. Using manipulated video, media leftists subjected the students to the usual Two Minutes Hate after a “Native American elder,” who falsely claimed to be a war hero, started a confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial after the March for Life.

Griffin didn’t wait to find out what really happened, and instead rushed to Twitter and called for a doxing and public humiliation:

The reply from the school was pathetic and impotent. Name these kids. I want NAMES. Shame them. If you think these f****rs wouldn’t dox you in a heartbeat, think again….

Names please. And stories from people who can identify them and vouch for their identity. Thank you.

Griffin’s tweets could have inspired a deranged follower to harm one or more of the students, but Twitter did nothing. The tweets are still available, though they clearly “violated the Twitter rules,” which say “you may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so.”

The students sued Griffin for the attempted doxing, but a federal judge tossed the case because her tweets were not acts committed within the jurisdiction of the federal court in Kentucky.

Downward Spiral
Twitter rages, it seems, are Griffin’s only means of inviting publicity.

After she posed holding the bloody visage of Trump’s head two years ago, her career stopped cold.

Though she apologized, she lost her gig co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper, and also piqued the interest of the Secret Service. Not surprisingly, she retracted her apology.

Griffin claimed the president made her “unemployable and insurable.”

Actually, Griffin made herself  “unemployable and insurable,” but in any event she thought a documentary about her travails might earn some money. Last year’s Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story was a pathetic failure. It earned just $208,907 in 648 theaters over 301 days in release, Box Office Mojo reported.

That’s about $1.07 per theater per day.

Nor has Griffin’s career done much better since.

The comedienne’s website reports “NO CURRENT TOUR DATES.”

Reprinted with permission from The New American

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