I was just looking over a list of cities in the USA on the Fox website that are plagued with violence, looting and destruction committed mostly by Antifa and similar anti-American groups.  Not one of those cities has a Republican mayor.  Only one city in New Mexico is run by a so-called Independent mayor, but every Independent I know of is a Liberal, so what’s the difference?

That begs the question, “why”?  Why aren’t these maggots attacking Conservative-run cities?  My SWAG (Scientific Wild-Ass Guess) is they know those Liberal mayors will be reluctant to use lethal force against rock-throwers, Molotov Cocktail heavers, window breakers, looters, and assailants.  Tell me I’m wrong.

I believe they are choosing Liberal-run cities because the chance of arrest is minimal due to the local authorities reluctance to, “make matters worse”, as if part of your city being on fire and innocents being maimed and killed is somehow better.  Liberals are gutless cowards, and they also have a conflict of interest where it comes to President Trump’s reelection and United States’ sovereignty.  That is also why so many Liberal governors are reluctant to re-open their states quickly, because they believe a vibrant economic recovery spells doom to a Biden victory in November and their efforts to plunge the United States under the New World Order (NWO).  The Antifa-types believe the best and safest places to begin their violent revolution are the Liberal-run cities.  Makes sense.

Obama promised us a, “Fundamental transformation of the United States”, and many of us assumed he meant for the better under our Constitutional Republic.  No, as it turns out Obama meant he would work to destroy our Republic and place the USA under the New World Order, and he single-handedly doubled our national debt from Bush’s disastrous $9 trillion dollar debt to $19 trillion dollars in just eight short years.  Hillary Clinton was fully expected to seal the deal, but she lost to President Trump.  Oh drat!

Had Hillary been elected, she’d have run the economy into the ground and would have increased our national debt to unrecoverable levels, causing the USA to default and be forced to join the New World Order, because you can’t sell Communism to a prosperous and Capitalist people.  When Trump won the election, Obama called it a, “setback”.  Now you know what he meant.  We came that close to losing our nation and our free way of life in 2016.  That is why I insist Trump’s decision to run and his ultimate victory was a true intervention from God Almighty, and nobody can convince me otherwise.  If Trump’s unlikely victory wasn’t a timely miracle, I don’t know what else is.

The NWO cretins had two primary objectives:  To cause the economic default of the American system, and to remove all high-capacity, semi-automatic firearms from private ownership.  Both goals would have left most of us in poverty and unable to resist, being armed with only bolt-action rifles, pistols and shotguns.  That is why the Liberals made such a fuss over mass shootings with high-capacity semi-autos, but never mentioned the high gun death figures of Chicago, where most killings are done with handguns.  Those high-capacity semi-autos in the hands of private Americans are viewed as a critical piece that needed to be removed from the chess board for obvious reasons.

Today, President Trump made a speech at NASA, and he made it very clear he planned to put a stop to the violent protests.  He didn’t extrapolate how, but that is typical Trump:  Never show your hand.  As I’ve written before, this violence won’t end until violence is inflicted on the instigators, and throwing a brick at a cop is an assault with a deadly weapon — just ask Goliath for his opinion.  Throwing a Molotov Cocktail is the same.  Setting fire to a building where people might be inside is also the same.  What do you do when someone uses a deadly weapon against you?  Well, if you have a gun handy, you shoot them!

Every scene of a potentially violent and destructive riot needs to be surrounded with police or National Guard snipers with orders to surgically remove any individual seen committing such an attack, and that’s not hard to do, even in a crowd, when you are using highly frangible bullets that will disintegrate upon impact to an assailant’s heart or head.  The only ricochet will be copious blood spatter all over his buddies, who will run like Hell the moment they realize play time is over.

Kent State is one perfect example, where the anti-war riots at colleges were becoming increasingly violent.  The National Guard opened live fire and killed six student rioters.  After that, college protests took on a much milder tone.  There are other examples I can not divulge here, but suffice it to say that bullying Antifa cowards will run the moment they realize they have an excellent chance at being spectacularly eliminated if they continue on this unfortunate path.

Carl F. Worden

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