Peaceful protests are a valid American expression of free speech, and are protected under Article 1 of the Bill of Rights.  Rioters who injure others and destroy property are criminals with no constitutional protections whatsoever.

What we’re seeing in the riots that have broken out nationwide have nothing to do with the tragic murder of George Floyd.  In fact, the Domestic Enemies of our nation are only using the Floyd murder as an excuse to inflict chaos in an effort to further damage our nation in whatever way they can.  Antifa has once again appeared in these riots.  Why President Trump has not declared Antifa a Domestic Terrorist Group yet escapes me, because they are really no different than the Weather Underground.

There is only one way to meet violence by terrorists like Antifa and any other Americans intent on committing mayhem, and that is by overwhelming violence.  The order should go out publicly that if anyone is seen destroying property or threatening innocent civilians, they are to be shot dead on the spot, and until that order is given, we are going to see a steady escalation of this kind of violence.

Carl F. Worden

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