America Burning, We Now Know What to Expect if Trump Wins in November

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Multiple major US cities were left burning after so-called “protesters” took advantage of the death of George Floyd at the hands of one rogue cop, to destroy, steal and burn private and public property.

Instead of peaceful protest calling for change, we had organized agitators, teenagers, and criminals take advantage of a heartbreakingly tragic situation to rob, loot, and destroy, then burn post offices, banks, retail stores, fast-food restaurants, and liquor stores.

Lost in all of this was any mention of George Floyd, but we heard plenty of incoherent foul mouth laced rants against President Donald Trump as Secret Service Agents were hit in the head with bricks as they pushed back crowds in front of the White House.

None of this had anything to do with the death of Mr. Floyd as the cop filmed killing George has already been arrested and charged with murder in record time. And the FBI, DOJ, state and local authorities are all investigating the filmed death.

A Storm is Here

Each of the cities engulfed in flames last night are Democratically controlled strongholds with weak Mayors and Governors. They all have allowed this chaos and destruction to go on without enforcing the law or sending in the police or national guard to stop this madness, all in the name of letting “protesters” blow off steam. When in our lifetimes have we ever seen an American police station abandoned and allowed to be looted and burned. I hope no one was locked in the cells!

Where is the national leadership of the Democratic party? Not a single one of them has come out in condemnation of the law-breaking looters? On the Republican side, we have only seen a few including Texas senator Ted Cruz call them out for what they are, criminals thugs!

We saw the deep states’ attempt at a soft coup in the case of Michael Flynn against Donald Trump. It seems that the peaceful transition of power has disappeared from our nation, and we are seeing a trial run of their next attempt at a hard, violent coup to change America into the United Communist States of America forcibly.

We now see the future response we can expect from Democrats and their thug allies when they lose the election in November…again. This time it appears that rather than crying and screeching, they are intent on destroying and burning America.

The past few nights should be a wake-up call for anybody who believes in law and order and the decency towards their fellow Americans. We have heard this time and again that “this election is the most important one” well, it appears now we’re at another election battle for the soul of our country, so be prepared to vote.

And as always stay heavily armed, trained, dangerous, and prepared to defend our way of life and our Constitution. God bless the USA! We are going to need it.

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