Get paid to be an anarchist

As in all things in this world there is the GOOD and the BAD.  Each person makes a CHOICE as to which and what they will be.  This is more of the Spiritual warfare this world is engaged in.  It really isn’t skin color coded even though that is what the media and agitators try hard to make you focus on.  Being one color or another doesn’t make one good or bad.  Just as wearing a uniform does not make one a protector or a killer.

I have had numerous law enforcement folks in my family and I remember back to my early teens when I lived with a state patrolman’s family to help in the caring of their kids.  The thing I remember most of all is how every so often he would come home with a case of coffee or some other grocery items in the trunk of his patrol car.  He *got* those when he would stop by  the scene of a robbery of some grocery store.  That was my first exposure that being  law enforcement didn’t make the person a good and honest and upright individual.  That guy was no different than the initial robbers of that store.  And as I recall they would say how that was common practice as the insurance would pay for it to the store owner.  Absolutely NO THOUGHT about the ILLEGAL ACT they committed.

This leads me to the point I want to make here.  Just as in this recent and on-going situation – it only took ONE (plus the three others who didn’t stop the one) to set off a nationwide riot setting up the situation for the looters, vandals, and others whose sole agenda is to destroy – destroy property and lives.  I’ve read that this one cop had a bunch of prior complaints against him.  WHY was he still in uniform?  He should have been removed after the first proven complaint.  Just as the PEACEFUL protestors were infiltrated by the vandals – the police departments have been allowed to retain officers with bad history.  Until the *problem* cops are removed this kind of activity will continue.  Same thing with the Peaceful protestors – they must stand against the trouble makers so as to not be painted with the same brush of being trouble makers.  It only takes a drop of poison to poison the entire jar of water.

We have many KNOWN financiers of these TROUBLE MAKERS – just as we have certain political operations that encourage unlawful acts.  Most all the cities that have been subject to the rioting, etc., are under the **leadership** of Democrats.  Why is that the case?????  And then the media blasts Pres. Trump as the reason…  EXCUSE ME!!!!  The *reason* is the leadership by the Democrats and the RINO’s.  The LIARS (Schiff – Nadler – Pelosi – Romney-  and the others) and the Political LOOTERS (taking tax dollars to promote Unconstitutional programs and Globalist organizations).  How are they different than the Looters and Vandals running the streets during these so called PROTESTS?

We are deep into THE LAST DAYS and the acts that were prophesied thousands of years ago.  The only thing each of us has to do is to DECIDE – CHOOSE – who it is we shall serve.  God or Satan.  It really is that simple.  Those who rob, who steal, who burn, who finance bad actions, will receive their *reward* on JUDGEMENT DAY in front of the Great White Throne and then they shall be sent to the Lake of Fire to spend eternity.  These law breakers may think they are getting away with their LOOT but they WILL be held to account.  Do not be among them.

I do think that if force (shoot them in the legs to cause them pain and disable their actions) would go a long way in limiting the acts of destruction going on.  Right now the bad guys have no fear of harm as they have learned that the police have been directed to not use FORCE to stop them.

If you are a Born Again Believer in Jesus Christ then stand strong against the enemy in everything you do.  If you belong to a police force then work to cleanse the bad apples out of the barrel.  If you are a peaceful protestor then clean out the bad apples from your baskets.  As long as you allow the bad apples in any group to remain you are just as guilty as the bad apple.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Jackie Juntti


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