I couldn’t believe my eyes this morning.  Yesterday I heard that some guy who confronted protesters in Ashland, Oregon had pulled a gun and was waving it around.  My immediate assumption was some local hayseed had gone off the reservation and deserved to be arrested.  But that is not what happened.

Today, I saw the video.  Now I realize videos can be misleading, so I’ve come to no solid conclusion yet, but what I saw was this:

A guy is standing in the back of his pickup truck, surrounded by hostile and shouting, “protesters”.  He and they are exercising their right to speak freely.  Then, a water bottle is thrown and strikes the man in the head!  The blow was hard enough to knock him back a bit and his glasses nearly fell off.  At that point, the man is seen pulling a handgun to protect himself in case another person tried to hit him with a rock or brick.

The guy was arrested for menacing and disorderly conduct, and no one was arrested for the initial assault against him.  That is unacceptable police work, and Ashland Police Chief O’Meara is now on notice we regard him as a potential domestic enemy for giving aid and comfort to criminals intent on overthrowing our nation — which they certainly are.  What an idiot O’Meara is if he thinks that action will calm the protesters.  Antifa and other protesters are nothing but bullies, and they look for the exact kind of weakness and cowardice Chief O’Meara showed them, so if those protesters and potential rioters burn Ashland, Oregon to the ground, so be it.

But… If those maggots try to leave Ashland and push people around in the rest of Southern Oregon, they are going to find out the rest of us are not cowards and will deal with them accordingly.

Carl F. Worden

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