Nashville Officials Opt Not to Press Criminal Charges Against Justin Jones After Saturday’s Riots

On Thursday Nashville officials were about to press criminal charges against left-wing activist Justin Jones for alleged felony aggravated rioting — but later in the day they changed their minds.

A Twitter video showed a man during Saturday’s downtown riots jumping onto the hood of a police car while hundreds of protestors cheered him on. The man’s face is not visible to the camera. Seconds later a law enforcement officer tackled the man.

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Justin Jones did not damage that damn police car. When he stepped off of the car, after calming the protesters who were becoming uneasy, he walked away. It was then a few angry protesters turned violent and damaged the car. Don’t blame Justin for this. 

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NEW: Justin Jones, the activist who convinced National Guard on Monday to lay down their shields, is now being charged with felony aggravated rioting for damaging a Nashville police car Saturday. 

just greg.@iholytrojan

This video is right after Justin Jones stepped off of the car. As you can see, the only thing weird about the vehicle is the cone laying in the car. 

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Following a peaceful protest so far, a scene has erupted in front of the Metro Nashville Police Central Precinct after water bottles were thrown at a squad car and one protestor climbed on top of it.

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Whether Jones was the man in the video is uncertain, but the Twitter user who posted the video said this:

“This video is right after Justin Jones stepped off of the car,” said Twitter user @iholytrojan.

“As you can see the only weird thing about the vehicle is the cone laying in the car.”

As The Tennessee Star reported, Jones exchanged words with Mayor John Cooper at last Saturday’s rally at Legislative Plaza that honored George Floyd.

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