The Parable of Two Shepherds

The Good Shepherd was leading His sheep in the Way only He knows, providing for their every need, protecting them from danger, and in return expecting only that they would hear His voice and follow Him.

It came to pass that another shepherd would sometimes approach the flock, usually from the back, and cause a few select sheep to go astray.  This other shepherd had an air about him that appealed to just a few of the sheep at first.  He seemed to care about them, and would promise them things, but not all the sheep who were led away from the flock would come back in the condition they had left.  In fact, sometimes they came back with much of their abundant coat of wool missing or matted with dirt, mud and debris.

Sometimes a few would return looking as though they hadn’t eaten in a while, or had eaten something rotten, desperate for a nourishing meal, or thirsty for good clear, tranquil water.

The normally peaceful demeanor that they always showed, for those who wandered and returned had been replaced with looks of distress, of worry and fear.  Of the promises the other shepherd made that even sounded like their Shepherd’s, the few he kept came with such a terrible price that they did not want to pay, making the original promise no longer so enticing.

Most had narrowly escaped being slaughtered on their way to what they were sure was a new and different path they had followed.  Though faintly at first, because they had stopped listening to their First Shepherd’s voice and had almost become unable to recognize it, they began to hear Him calling them back, and happily bounded back to the safety of His arms.

Expecting to be chastised for their wandering, they were moved by His forgiveness.  His grace and mercy made them want to draw even nearer to Him.  He never seemed to be alarmed at their absence.  Saddened, certainly, but never caught off guard.

At some point after they’d return, He would motion to them to briefly glance back at the other shepherd.  When they did, what they had seen before as just another shepherd was, in fact, a hideous,
ravenous wolf, plotting to devour them.

Quickly, they hurried to walk even closer with the Only Shepherd they could trust, Who would lead them to everlasting safety.

Are you in His flock?  John 10:27

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