Bibles Pulled From Shelves For Outdated Idea That All Humans Are Of One Race And Made In The Image Of God

U.S.—Online and brick and mortar booksellers across the country* will no longer be selling the Bible due to its “outdated depictions of humanity all being of one race and made in the image of God.”

The Bible has long been controversial when it comes to race, suggesting that Jesus Christ can break down barriers between people groups through the blood of His cross and callously proclaiming that everyone is made in God’s image and has inherent dignity and worth because of God’s infinite worth.

“We’re trying to stoke racial tensions, and the Bible is extremely unhelpful at a time like this,” said one activist. “Pulling the book will go a long way toward progressing the race war. If everyone believed what the Bible said, we’d have no racial divisions to exploit. Can you imagine all the peace and harmony that would break out? We can’t have that — our careers depend on it.”

*Except Barnes & Noble. They’re the only ones that stood against this outrageous purging of the Good Book. Good job, B&N!

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