“Take a knee, pray with me”!

Psalms 91:2..“I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.”


“Take a knee, pray with me”!


America’s open door policies have invited a global society that is internally infecting this nation through demonic inspired philosophies.

Society is being led to the throne of darkness where they must pledge allegiance to the satanic New World Order.

The Lord has equipped us with His Word to fight against evil forces and push back the plans of the enemy.

Yet the spiritual backbone of most of God’s children lacks enough fortitude to take a stand for fear of offending others.

Do you not notice that those others are rioting in our streets in a violent rage and evil on their hearts?

The war is on and we are losing! The time has come for all Christians to embrace the Word of God and gain victory.

The insurgency taking place on our streets is a spiritual war waged against God and His children; A war for our mind and soul.

It takes the power of prayer to force evil to flee. Arise from your slumber children of God ~ “Take a knee, pray with me~”!

“Pro Deo, Patria et Israel~

Evangelist Al Garza

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