I urge all to watch and listen and then ACT on the following related to the *mandates* about wearing masks.

The health hazards aren’t worth doing so if you are healthy.  The lies being tossed around about this are many and the media is really doing their part to spread FAKE NEWS (and FAKE LAWS).

Here in Washington I am trying to find out if the state legislature passed any LAWS forcing all to wear masks – haven’t found that so far.

INSLEEZE is opening his mouth and issuing directives like some petty tyrant in some third world Marxist nation.  It is his VANITY surfacing once again.

We need to stand up against this “FRAUDCI” medical prostitution – flip flopping of what is best to do from day to day.  Fauci has flip flopped on all his EXPERT advice.  Would you go to some EXPERT (doctor) who told you one thing  and then a day or so later reverses that advice – only to reverse that in a few days and continue over a long period of time to flip flop ?  I would drop that person after the second flip flop.  I have been to doctors who have given me wrongful advice and I call them on it – I know my body and how it reacts to things as well as to the Big PHARMA pills and vaccines.  I only take those which I have thoroughly checked out to see how they will affect my body.  I know how my body reacts to these masks and it isn’t good by any stretch of the imagination.  For INSLEEZE to practice medicine by mandating that I wear a mask all the time (a few exceptions) should allow me to sue him for fraudulent practice of medicine.

Anyway – check this out – and check out the actual web page as well.

The Healthy American, Peggy Hall”

Jackie Juntti


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