So now, if some silly-ass cupcake finds a noose somewhere, the FBI is called in to investigate.  Are you kidding me?  The FBI is spending valuable time during which they could be arresting Antifa members to investigate if a hate crime has occurred, just because somebody discovered a rope with a noose knot?  We need to desensitize these peach blossoms right now!

Please go out and buy a bunch of cheap rope, cut it into ten foot sections and tie a noose knot on each one.  Now, go out and hang those ropes anywhere and everywhere, but make sure you don’t place one where a black person might work, live or walk by:  This is a white’s-only exercise.  I want to see as many nooses hanging around white neighborhoods as possible.

A rope with a noose knot tied into it doesn’t mean jack, but the race baiters are claiming it means volumes, and what really pisses me off is the FBI thinks finding a noose could mean something too.  Get a life, FBI, and go catch a bank robber, you morons!


Carl F. Worden

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