Despite all the reporting about low-life losers trying to take down or vandalize federal and state historical monuments, not one time have I ever heard anyone in the media mention those monuments were paid for by taxpayers, whether state or federal.  Not once.

So these slime-balls are removing, toppling or vandalizing monuments we all paid for, and they do not represent the majority of Americans.  These are nothing but self-described Marxists, and as anyone who has lived in a nation that was taken over by a Communist regime, the first thing the Marxist gang members do is try to erase the history of the victim nation — by destroying anything, including historical monuments, that represent that nation’s history.  I am certain these Marxist agitators would love to have the opportunity to burn our Constitution and Bill of Rights as well.

As I’ve written previously, these are Domestic Enemies of this nation, and I believe we citizens have the right to prevent these intentional acts of destruction ourselves if our local and federal authorities refuse to intervene, if for no other reason that we paid for them, and they therefore belong to all of us.

Carl F. Worden

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