My thoughts on this COVID BS

I sit here shaking my head at how the media and politicians are pushing all this COVID garbage – the wearing of masks (in spite of the problems) – and I wonder why are so many promoting this stuff.

We have had FRAUDCI and Birx being called *experts* when much of what they have said they have changed over and over. The only thing EXPERT on most of them has been their expertise in lying to us.

All the hoopla over masks – ignoring the millions of masks that were found to be TAINTED.

All the TAINTED/FLAWED testing kits giving FALSE results yet we are pushed to get TESTED.

And let us not forget all the numbers of *cases* – or deaths due to COVID.  Where is the PROOF that these people actually died from Covid – I’ve seen no such EVIDENCE that Covid was THE CAUSE OF DEATH for anyone.  Note how some word those numbers very carefully without any autopsy evidence.  Many say these folks died WITH Covid – what does that mean?  If I died while sleeping with someone would that mean that I died WITH that person rather than my real cause of death was natural or heart failure???  All those folks posting the numbers of cases and deaths are like the embezzling bookkeepers who use numbers to disguise the TRUTH.

There is so much misinformation going around it isn’t funny – all that means to me is that this entire event is for some other reason with COVID being the easy way to make people obey FRAUDULENT RULES (Control – control – control).

This Social distancing is another farce.  I’ve read several articles that it is to ensure the *tracking* they have planned (via your cell phones) to let the trackers known who is where.  If people are closer than 6 feet the trackers can’t tell who is who.

Could the Bill Gates desire to reduce world wide population be part of the MASK game?  If enough people get sick and die due to the tainted masks or to the lack of oxygen and the problem of inhaling the exhaled carbon dioxide cause them serious health issues resulting in death – that would assist in the Bill Gates desire to reduce the earths population.

And then this VACCINE they are pushing and in some cases mandating folks to get..  you know, the ones with the implanted micro chip to again TRACK people.  Will it also contain technology to be used in order to buy or sell anything???  That is  after they have eliminated CASH or credit cards and gone to their one world currency.

I’ve also read of how the aborted baby tissue can be used to change ones DNA.  More of the EXPERIMENTATION.

Check this site out

I would hope that some folks are opening their eyes and seeing what is actually going on right in front of us.

And most of all I hope that those of you who haven’t reserved your location for eternity will do so today – tomorrow or even tonight might be too late.

Jackie Juntti


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