Hypocrite in Chief

de_brayin_obomakeyBy Rick Biesada

Barack Obama attacked Ted Cruz and the 18 patriotic senators who voted to de fund the Affordable Care Act, known as Obama Care. He must be jealous because they figured out that his feeble health care plan is a disaster that will destroy our economy.

Well, well, well… Listen to this fucking hypocrite in chief, lecturing the Republicans not to appease the Tea Party. This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

This retarded wisdom came out of the same lying mouth that almost caused World War III a few weeks ago, before this dummy had to run to Vladimir Putin to bail his chestnuts out of the fire … like a little bitch.

This guy makes me want to vomit every time he opens up his pathological lying mouth.

Here’s a guy who has the unmitigated gall to accuse the Republicans of appeasing the Tea Party while he appeases everybody else, including our enemies.

He appeased just about everybody who wouldn’t vote on this nefarious scheme to change the health care system into a bank for his crony money grabbing thieves.

He has appeased LA RAZA, and other open border organizations to gain votes by compromising our national security, and not enforcing our immigration laws.

He has appeased the wacky environmentalists by stifling jobs, and not allowing the oil companies to drill for oil.

He has appeased foreign dictators by giving them billions of tax payer dollars, or purchasing things that are prohibited to be made in the United States.

He has appeased the sodomites by allowing them to turn our military into a dating service where rape and social disease are causing more casualties than our rag head enemies.

He has appeased the Middle East and covertly started the Arab Spring for his war profiteers, and he has appeased the Mexican drug cartels by allowing fire arms into their country under false pretenses.

He is Barack Obama, the Appeaser In Chief, a nincompoop who has a lot of room to talk.

Ever since this insidious buffoon slithered into the White House and perpetuated his sinister schemes, the country started falling apart at the seams.

When a group of patriotic American’s grabbed the reigns and tried to slow this out of control government down, they were met by vitriol and sarcasm not only by their opponents, but by their cowardly agent provocateurs within their own party as well.

We have a threat of a government shut down, not by Senator Ted Cruz, or the other heroic 18 senators who honored their oaths, and stood with Cruz to fund all government services except Obama Care, but by this hysterical, fear mongering president, his administration stooges, the rabid left wing Democrats, and the Republican establishment hermaphrodites.

I say great … shut down the government, it’s about time we reigned in this burdensome, power hungry government, and the mooches who have been ripping off the tax payers for generations.

What do I care, I have a trade and a business, I’m self reliant, I can survive any place. I don’t need the government to assist me, I need them to keep away from me.

Do I care about the government shutting down our national parks? The last I heard the government was erecting signs and posting warnings to stay away from the national parks because drug dealers, and human traffickers, were using the trails to transport their cargo while Homeland Security looked the other way. Looking for speeders, and people littering, instead of apprehending foreign criminals who are committing crimes on American soil.

What do I care about obtaining a visa or fire arms permit?

Where would I want to travel knowing that Barack Obama, John Kerry, Lindsey Graham and John McCain, might get a wild hair up their ass, and want to start another war by bombing a country just because it’s there.

I’m a martial artist, I really never had any use for a FOID card, and to tell you the truth, I relish the thought of some public official getting close enough to me, to lecture me, before I put his lights out and send him off to the emergency room.

Speaking about hospitals, I think it’s great that some of our public servants have the interest of their constituents at heart.

I remember when the idea about health care reform first started floating around. They said it was to cover 30 million uninsured Americans, not to make every American miserable, or to destroy the economy.

With all of the crony business dealings, graft, corruption, and plain theft coming out of this government administration, some of that money could have been funneled to purchase insurance policies for those dubious 30 million uninsured mooches.

Now we have to force an entire industry out of business through fraud, duress, and wrathful policies that will never work to better society.

No wonder why they want to de fund Obama Care.

Pre existing conditions … WTF? How can an insurance company stay in business funding a liability?

How can an insurance company guarantee coverage for children on their parents policy to age 26?

My Company Commander in Vietnam was 26 years of age, what are these useful idiots doing still living at home at that age?

Are they still sucking on their mothers breasts … or are they sucking on their daddy’s dick, just like the 25 Republican senators who joined the Democrats to amend the House Spending Bill and to fund Obama Care.

Federal Observer contributing columnist Rick Biesada is the co-founder of The Chicago Minuteman Project.

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