Supreme Court unanimously rules against ‘faithless electors’

Image: Colorado elector Micheal Baca, second from left, talks with legal counsel after he was removed from the panel for voting for a different candidate than the one who won the popular vote

Colorado elector Micheal Baca, second from left, voted for John Kasich in 2016, instead of Hilary Clinton, who won the popular vote in Colorado, in Denver on Dec. 19, 2016.Brennan Linsley / AP file

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Monday that the 538 people picked to cast votes in the Electoral College must vote according to their states’ laws.

The case involved four “faithless electors” from Colorado and Washington state who strayed from the popular vote and sued, arguing that states can control how electors are chosen but not what happens later.

Justice Elena Kagan, writing for the court, said the Constitution gives states broad authority over the selection of presidential electors, including “what the elector must do for the appointment to take effect.

Under more than two centuries of tradition, Kagan wrote, “electors are not free agents; they are to vote for the candidate whom the state’s voters have chosen.

The ruling marked a defeat for advocates of Electoral College reform.

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