The Business of Lying

By Gerald R. Chester

According to a FastCompany article, a survey of forty thousand Americans conducted ten years ago reported that 93 percent admitted to lying “regularly and habitually in the workplace.”(1) I must admit I have difficulty understanding why pollsters would think that people would tell the truth about their habits of not telling the truth. Regardless of my concern about the veracity of the methodology, I must admit that my personal experience is consistent with the survey findings.

When I interact with a salesperson or contact customer service for virtually any company, I find myself assessing what I was told and asking myself how much of it I believe. That I view this as normal is worse. Why should this be normal? Why do I expected to be told lies? Well, probably for the same reason that you do — from experience.

Now a company has taken lies and deception to a new level. Lies and deception have become a business — yes, you heard me, a business! For a fee, the company will support whatever lie you are seeking to perpetrate whether it is a lie in the workplace or to friends or even to your spouse. (I am not sharing the name of the company with you because I do not wish to support it in any way.)

This company proudly offers its value proposition. Some examples of its services are as follows:

Virtual Employment: If you want to appear to be employed — no problem. The company will create the ruse for you.

Pretend You Are Anywhere: If you want to appear to be in a particular location other than where you are — no problem. The company will create the illusion for you.

Rescue Call Services: If you need to be rescued from a bad date, a dull meeting or some other commitment — no problem. The company will create and deliver an excuse for you to leave.

Having a Discreet Affair: If you want to have an extramarital affair and hide it from your spouse — no problem. The company will create the necessary cover to facilitate your sin.

Fox News recently interviewed a female executive of this “creative” company. The reporter adroitly challenged the executive about the ethics of a company that would support and perpetrate lies and deception. With unrelenting questions, the reporter pressed the executive making her very uncomfortable. Finally, when the executive was asked how she would feel if her company was employed by a friend’s husband to hide an extramarital affair, the executive acknowledged that she would be uncomfortable about such a situation. Nevertheless, the executive maintained as a given that people are going to lie, so the company simply offers a service to help them accomplish their purposes.

How is it that a company whose service is lies and deception can even exist? Sadly, this is further testimony to the value system of our culture. Many Americans, indeed people worldwide, no longer regard lying as wrong or as a sin; hence, it has become acceptable behavior, despite the fact that no one wants to be the recipient of a lie.

If you value the truth, you should be shocked and outraged by the product offering of this company. If ever there was an illicit company, this is one. A person could argue, though I don’t, that tobacco and alcohol have a medicinal value and even that gambling has some entertainment value, but what value can be found in a company that perpetrates lies and deception?

The first lie in human history occurred in the garden of Eden when the serpent lied to Eve about the veracity of God.(2) Since then, lying has plagued the human race. The human race is in bondage to lies and deception, which according to Jesus is Satan’s native language.(3)

There is only one antidote to lies and deception—truth. Truth sets us free from the bondage of lies and deception.(4) And the only way that we can begin to live in truth is to follow Jesus.(5) Disciples of Jesus know the truth and the truth sets them free from the bondage of lies and deception.

If you want to be free from lies and deception in your workplace, be a disciple of Jesus and help others become disciples. If you want to help free your country from lies and deception, be a disciple of Jesus and help others become disciples. If you want your family to be free from lies and deception, be a disciple of Jesus and help others become disciples. If you want your church to be free from lies and deception, be a disciple of Jesus and help others become disciples.

There is no other way to freedom from lies and deception except through Jesus. He alone is the way, the truth, and the life.(6) No one can come to an understanding and knowledge of their Creator except through Christ. Any other approach is ultimately rooted in lies and deception.

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