A Passion For Excellence by Tom Peters and Nancy Austin

Front CoverA Passion for Excellence offer stories, quotes, insights, questions and advice in an attempt to culitivate superb, personalized, “back to basics” leadership. Its authors recommend that you look for some “first steps” that fit in with your particular needs and start with those. Here is one highlight:

Common Sense

The greatest problem American business faces is getting the boss back to work watching his customer and his product…. (Bosses) are too busy … to the point that they no longer know what the customer is saying; how he is being treated…..”

Stanley Marcus

Baltimore Mayor William Donald Schaefer regularly wanders his neighborhoods to get a feel for his. city. Wandering is a priority. He sees potholes, broken streetlights, dirty parks abandoned cars, dead trees… and also manages to have his crews do something about them.

So The Big Idea is: MBWA (Management By Wandering Around) is a “leadership technology” that promises happy customer and co-workers. Its principles are obvious but usually ignored. MBWA is the crucial element of leadership, and the one element emphasized throughout book.

Key MBWA Recommendations:

  • Recognize where the real life action is. In any industry, corporation, sports team, club, city, or education facility the real action is not behind a desk.
  • Give MBWA quality, calendar time (25 – 50% of an average day)
  • Establish an open door policy al through the organization.
  • Randomly hold meetings in other people’s offices or out in the field. Evaluate employees, in part, by how directly and frequently they are “in touch” with others.
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