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Back when the Titanic was being readied for its maiden voyage, the engineer who designed her made the proclamation that, “Nobody, not even God can sink the Titanic”!  Well guess what?  God did sink the Titanic, not with a torpedo or man-caused error, but by a natural iceberg.  Guess who controls nature?

The other day, Don Lemon of CNN fame, made the statement on national television that Jesus was a flawed Human Being.  Besides the fact Jesus is well known as the only perfect, sinless being ever to exist in Human form, Lemon was also saying God Almighty himself is a flawed person, because even though they are two persons, God and Jesus are of one mind.  In fact, the name, “Emmanuel”, one of Jesus’ names, means, “God with us”.

God, by his own admission, is long-suffering, meaning he is patient and puts up with a lot of Human misdeeds while he gives them every chance to turn from their godless ways that often hurt innocent others in their life’s journey.  But once a person’s life has ended comes the judgment of God, and if Lemon hasn’t learned the error of his ways before his certain death, he will face God himself with the exact words he uttered.

I’ve often wondered what godless people are thinking of.  Lemon is a highly paid news commentator with a fairly large audience, and Jesus’ words come to mind when he said, “What profiteth a man, if he gain the whole world, and lose his soul”?  No matter how much fame and fortune a person may enjoy in his/her very short time on this earth, death is certain, and then what?  Do they think they just go into a state of oblivion after death, so they better take all they can for themselves in this wretched life?  It certainly seems that way.  But that is not what happens.  I know, because I had a severe flu at age 18 and I died for a while and then recovered, but I can assure you one and all that I separated from my body and was conscious as I looked down and saw my body drenched in sweat in my bed.  We definitely remain alive and conscious after our death in spirit form.

Jesus Christ allowed himself to be put to death in the most horribly painful and prolonged manner ever devised by man:  Crucifixion!  Then God resurrected Jesus to life, and he appeared before 500 witnesses, which is why Christianity survived and has been spread over the entire world.  People saw, and they believed to the point they preached the Gospel of Jesus knowing they’d be put to death themselves, often also crucified, because they no longer feared death of their flesh body.  The truth will do that, and they could not be silenced because Jesus proved to them all that he had defeated death itself, and that he was the true, promised Messiah as prophesied in both the Hebrew Torah and our Holy Bible.

So the truth is that even Don Lemon (for now) has the same chance as every other Human Being to accept Jesus as the true Son of God and the true Messiah God promised the Jews.  As heinous as his words were, Don Lemon has the equal opportunity to repent of his sins and ask Jesus to forgive him — and God promises he will (not may) forgive anyone who does this and then honestly tries to stay in God’s words and obey his very simple, easy to follow Commandments.

And yet, knowing that Jesus gave up his very life on that cruel cross for them, many people still resist accepting Jesus as their personal savior.  So when they face the second, permanent death of their very soul, they will answer to God and Jesus for their refusal to accept the gift that was freely offered to them, meaning they will have lived their lives on this earth for nothing.

In the meantime, our Father God remains ever hopeful and ever patient, for God himself has proclaimed he does not want anyone’s soul to perish, meaning that if a person continues to refuse the gift Jesus offered to them, they will have brought about their own permanent damnation.

To me, it’s a no-brainer!  Call me crazy.

Carl F. Worden

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