Of all the people who should never get elected to any office again, it is Jeff Sessions, who is trying to get his old seat back in the Senate — the very last place anyone would want him to be.  I hope this message reaches the good people of Alabama, who should know by now that Sessions did just about all he could to screw over President Trump in his first term, and if Sessions gets a seat in the Senate, it will make the Senate even more infested with fake GOP RINOs.

I still strongly believe Sessions was sent to join the Trump campaign early-on as a Deep State worm in case Trump won.  As Attorney General, Sessions recused himself from the Russia Collusion Investigation and made life miserable for President Trump, who was then hindered from being able to get the things done we all wanted him to.  Sessions was obviously in bed with Rod Rosenstein, and Rosenstein proved to be a Trump-hater in disguise all along.

Carl F. Worden

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