Loren Culp for WA Gov.

Washington State has been under the rulership of DEMOCRATS and a couple RINO’s (Evans and SMELLMAN) since 1957.  One Democrat (Dixie Lee Ray) as more conservative than either RINO.  Look t what the Democrats/RINO’s have done to America NATIONWIDE.  There isn’t much left for them to destroy so before you cat a vote for another Democrat – decide what little you have left to let them steal or destroy.  Do not vote for a RINO either as they are just a tad slower at taking what is yours.

I encourage all who can vote in Washington State to vote for this man, Loren CULP.  All I have found tell me he is CONSERVATIVE and he is also a Christian – a REAL Christian – not a pew sitter wearing a denominational label.

Jackie Juntti

WGEN  idzrus@earthlink.net

Loren Culp for WA Gov.


Arthur Bernard Langlie Republican 01/12/1949 01/12/1953 1949 – 195707/25/190007/24/1966

Albert Dean Rosellini Democrat 01/14/1957 01/09/1961 1957 – 196501/21/191010/10/2011

Daniel Jackson Evans Republican 01/11/1965 01/13/1969 01/08/1973 1965 – 197710/16/1925

Dixy Lee Ray Democrat 01/12/1977 1977 – 198109/03/191401/02/1994

John Dennis Spellman Republican 01/14/1981 1981 – 198512/29/1926

Booth Gardner Democrat 01/16/1985  01/11/1989 1985 – 199308/21/1936 03/15/2013

Michael Edward Lowry Democrat 01/13/1993Link1993 – 199703/08/1939

Gary Locke Democrat 01/15/1997 01/10/2001Link1997 – 200501/21/1950

Christine Gregoire Democrat 01/12/2005 01/14/2009Link2005 – 201303/24/1947

Jay Inslee Democrat 01/16/2013 2013 – 02/09/1951


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