Millions of Americans going hungry as pandemic erodes incomes and destroys communities

NBC is pushing the narrative that Congress feed, cloth and house us. What a way to create prisoners within our own country….

“There’s going to be an enormous wave of people who are going to need our services. We alone can’t create a strong enough safety net for the need that’s coming.”

By Martha C. White

As jobs vanish, incomes drop and food prices rise, more Americans are going to bed hungry — and advocates warn that without intervention from Congress, those numbers could rise to a level unseen in modern times.

“People who never thought they’d experience food insecurity are now seeking food assistance,” said Luis Guardia, president of the nonprofit Food Research & Action Center.

A study from Northwestern University’s Institute for Policy Studies found that the pandemic roughly doubled food insecurity in the United States. The food assistance nonprofit Feeding America estimates that with household finances decimated by the coronavirus, around 40 percent of people visiting food banks are first-time recipients of food assistance.

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