HOW TO turn your town into Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP – Vote Democrat.

Considering our own city elected a Dem as Mayor… should we be concerned?

HOW TO turn your town into Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP – Vote Democrat.

How to turn your town, your State, into a New York, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP.  Vote Democrat.

To any of you who may still plan to vote for ANY DEMOCRAT I want you to really think of what that brings forth.

Destruction, LOOTING, FIRES, Murders, and any other crime you can think of is the result of what voting in Democrats brings.

Not much further behind the Democrats are those RINO’s who aren’t much better.

Before you cast your vote – THINK    THINK –  do you want a CHAZ/CHOP Liberal place to live?

This years election is CRUCIAL to the future of this nation and I do mean CRUCIAL.

While I am of the belief that the Rapture is so very close to taking place I am thinking of how those voting for Democrats are bringing that event all the closer to taking place.  That is fine with me as I am a Born Again Christian but I think of all who haven’t asked Christ into their hearts yet and that they will be LEFT BEHIND to live in the Tribulation period.  Seven years before the Lake of Fire for many of those.

We are in a Spiritual War – we are living in Daniels 69th week right now and each decision we make (which includes voting) will determine what each of us and our family members lives thru.

As I was searching Washington State’s list of offices and candidates for this election I was surprised to see how many judges, at all levels, are up for election.  No party designation so it is going to take some hard nosed research to know who to vote for.  We certainly do not need any more John Roberts types.  We need judges who rule on the Constitution and the LAW  not on their personal preferences.

Time to OPEN YOUR EYES before marking your ballot and understand that voting for any Democrat will hasten the destruction of this nation.

That is not my personal preference it is a proven fact as all can see by examining how and what the Democrats have done to those places they have ruled over.

BLM is not a civil rights movement – it is a POLITICAL ORGANIZATION – financed by those who intend to destroy America.  The better name for that group should be BLACK LIES MATTER because all they are doing is a LIE…..  and many have fallen for those LIES.

Jackie Juntti


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