Statement on running for reelection:

Mr. Kevin Alexander - District 2In 2016, I ran for School Board in District 2 because I was unsatisfied with the decision to close 5 neighborhood schools, which affected my family and many other families.

I was elected on the stance that the community and teachers deserve to be heard in such decisions, and it was clear we were not heard. The same sentiment that resulted in my election resulted in the election of other non-establishment candidates, and a huge shift in the makeup of the board.

We had a chance to elect more of the same kind of board members that decided to leave the board that year, but we did not.

We voted for change. The rocky path that resulted was unavoidable. We have striven to strike a balance that has not existed in a long time.

What I will say for my part, is that I always kept the needs of teachers, both active and retired, and the students’ needs of safety and a quality education in mind with every vote I cast.

I have supported new schools where I feel new schools are needed.

As planning for the new Pope K-8 has gone forward, I have only tried to see that our overcrowding problem is relieved in the most efficient way possible.

When the superintendent position became vacant with the leaving of Dr. Eric Jones, I was in favor of pushing forward with the selection process when others were not.

I proudly voted for Dr. Marlon King, whom I believe has what it takes to turn our system around.

His Deputy Superintendent picks, Dr. Ricky Catlett and Dr. Vivian Williams, underscore his good judgement and abilities.

I hear the community calling for us to support Dr. King, and I have been one of his earliest and most vocal supporters.

I decided to run for reelection after a difficult first term in office because I believe that our educational system is vital to our community as a whole, and each students’ future on an individual level.

I believe we have struck a balance in many ways: between the community and business interests, between administration and front-line teachers, and between the board members who each represent diverse communities across the county.

There is still a lot of work to do in each of those areas, and I am dedicated to continue that work if reelected.

I appreciate your confidence to continue serving my community on the school board, Kevin Alexander

Kevin Alexander

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