Williamson County parent group pushes back against mask mandate, seeks to recall board members

From the Tennessean

Some Williamson County Schools parents are pushing back regarding concerns over the current reopening framework in the school district including a mask mandate.

A group of them, Recall Williamson, formed on Facebook just a few hours before the district unveiled its Williamson County Schools Reopening Framework last week. The group, which called for the Williamson County Board of Education to rethink the mask requirement, announced it will begin recalling efforts of school board members.

The move comes after a six-hour special-called meeting Monday night, where the Williamson County Board of Education voted, 11-1, to approve the WCS Reopening Framework with the caveat to allow superintendent Jason Golden flexibility to alter the plan as needed.

One school board member voted against the plan.


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Franklin, TN (July 15, 2020) – Recall Williamson remains fully committed to our efforts in helping to secure the rights of parents to oversee the education of our children and in that regard, the ability to hold our school board members accountable. We believe that if any political body in our state deserves accountability, it is a county school board. Why? Because we trust them with the education and development of our children, again, our children. And because of that, a four-year election cycle is simply not enough.

We would like to address the issue regarding limitations for recalls by population per Tenn. Code Ann. § 49-2-213 as reported by the Tennessean. Many were unaware of this provision in our law as well as many county election commissioners, primarily because the bill just became law last year in 2019. The initial version of the bill that passed the Senate did apply to the entire state. But things changed as the bill made its way through the House. And we ended up where we are today.

As of today, we are excited that we have the support of Rep. Glen Casada of District 63 who has committed to working with us to amend this statute and give parents in Williamson County the option to petition for the recall of school board members. This is not a foreign concept and the right to petition for recall is granted to the citizens of many states. We appreciate Rep. Casada’s willingness to hear our concerns and work with the parents of Williamson County. In no world should extending the rights of parents to oversee their child’s health and well-being be a bad thing.

As many will point out, this solution is not a quick fix. Our desire would have been to see a different outcome from Monday night’s school board meeting. And we can’t change the fact that the reopening framework has passed and Williamson County Schools will move forward with some of the most restrictive guidelines for our students and staff found anywhere in Tennessee come this fall. But we can change how conversations happen between parents and school board members in the future. Like we’ve said before, the only option is to do nothing. We choose to do something.

Gary Humble
and the concerned parents and citizens of Recall Williamson
Williamson County, Tennessee

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