The Shake Up

By Erick Erickson

Brad Parscale is out of the Trump campaign. Well, technically, he is demoted and there, but this is a political firing. Parscale didn’t even know until a few hours before it would happen.

Bill Stepien, the former White House Political Director, is going to run the campaign. I’m told a few things on this.

First, the President has been aggravated for a while by suggestions that people on his campaign were getting rich off his voters. I know the media impression of the President and you all know my views on the President, but the President is very, very protective of his base and does now want them seen as a piggy bank. He has been bothered, for some time, by reports about lavish income being made off his campaign.

Second, campaign fundamentals have had serious issues. For example, the President should not have to be spending money in Georgia, but he is. There’s a failure to execute at the grassroots level in the campaign.

Third, for a supposed data mining genius, that Tulsa rally was a disaster and did not have to be and it exposed Parscale. The campaign should have known what was coming and seemed caught off guard. It has left the President furious. If a million progressives really did RSVP, as some claimed, the campaign should have known through their data metrics. They should also have known not to brag about massive crowds coming at a time of a global pandemic. But they did anyway and then no one showed up.

Fourth, the President is now aware he does have serious problems with the suburbs. Stepien ran Chris Christie’s campaign in 2009 and knows how to win suburbs for Republicans when those suburbs lean left. Some conservatives might grumble moving forward, but Stepien is competent, capable, and able to chart a course forward. The President also respects him.

One prominent Republican I talked to late last night told me in her view Stepien may not be able to get the President across the victory line, but he can certainly mitigate what some Republicans see as a downballot bloodbath starting to take shape. Stepien can mitigate damage.

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