The Shadow Government Going for the Kill Shot

The continuing rioting by anarchists, hard core Marxists, and brain washed fools who are nothing more than disposal foot soldiers for these America haters, is the culmination of many decades of planning.

George Floyd was simply the match that lit the leaking gas pump, the same as COVID-19 was the match that ignited the destruction of our economy already in peril despite all the rhetoric claiming the opposite.

The forces behind these movements wait for openings and then with the assistance of their prostitute media, Hollywood narcissists and political whores like Nancy Pelosi,work feverishly to divide our nation.  And right now, our republic is divided in the most dangerous level since 1776.  Make no mistake about that.

It’s critically important the American people get educated as to the players, who funds them and their goals.  Kelleigh Nelson in her usual intense researching provided a wealth of factual information in her recent column, Tax Exempt Organizations Funnel Millions to BLM Marxists [1]. I can’t emphasize enough it’s imperative people make the time to read fully documented columns.  I know, this is an uber stressful time for all of us but time grows short with about 100 days left until the election November 3rd.

There is much discussion about a ‘deep state’ and dirty players like James Comey, Robert Mueller, FBI Director Christopher Wray who is a master of cover-up, Brennan, Clapper and that whole traitorous bunch.  But the truth is, they are, like the useful fools involved with the BLM communist organization and the fascist group called ANTIFA, controlled by those who wish to remain in the shadows.

Yes, yes, George Soros is quite visible and makes no attempt to conceal his hatred for America, but he is just one of the cash cows.  Soros is just as guilty of sedition as the maggots who take his money to further their mission: Destroy capitalism and replace a free-market economy with the tried and failed in every country, socialism, the sister of communism.

It’s the quiet ones who represent the most danger.  I refer to individual’s wealthy beyond what most Americans can comprehend who control governments, start wars and have been busy destabilizing the world lusting for even more power and riches.

The information in my column, The Camaraderie Between the Justice Department and Bilderberg [2] is a must read.  Not to build my ego but because if one is to fix a car engine, you have to study the repair manual first otherwise how can you possibly fix the problem?

One of the most difficult things truth tellers encounter are Americans who have no facts  about the roots of the global masters and how they are destroying, not just America, but the world. I can tell you from experience, as can hundreds, if not thousands of writers like myself, as soon as you begin to give a history of the evil that built the house of horrors we are living in right now, the average American, due either to political party loyalty or denial, simply does not want to hear the truth.

As the late, former Congressman from California, James B. Utt, said so long ago: “None are so blind as he who cannot see“. Sadly, millions of Americans would rather willfully believe lies. They can’t believe, having been sold a bill of goods, that Barry Soetoro, aka Obama, is anything other than some brilliant problem solver who really just loves all the poor folk while he and that thing he’s married to are drowning in riches for selling out this country.Hussein Obama told America he was going to ‘transform America’.  What he didn’t tell the American people was this transformation was to be the destruction of all we hold dear.

Now the Democratic/Communist Party USA has anointed a 77-year old dementia addled white collar criminal, Joe Biden, to pick up where Hussein Obama left off.  Obama didn’t just ride off into the night.  He’s been busy working the ground troops he’s built over the years.  Foot soldiers dazzled by his razzmatazz as they are led to the slaughter house.

I believe most refuse to see because they are afraid of the truth. Because tens of millions need to stay in denial, they will not make the time to read the history of the architects of our pain and who continue the work of the evil doers. Prominent politicians, dynasties as they’re called, and traitors like Bill and Hillary Clinton. See my column: The Marxist Influence.

Over the last century there have been tugs of war for power, but in the end, the goal is the same: forcing America into a one world government, one world religion, a one world banking system that is already collapsing under the weight of unpayable debt as the banking cartels loot OUR country to bare bones and a world government military.

Perhaps now that America is in ruins, more Americans will take the time to get educated so that they might finally understand our destiny hasn’t been in our hands for over a hundred years. Perhaps if they can put party loyalty aside for the sake of their own survival and the survival of our republic, they will join with the rest of us in rejecting world government and stop putting money into the coffers of those implementing the final stages of the fall of these united States of America.

Of course, that can’t and won’t happen until Americans make the commitment to find the truth.It does mean giving up leisure time to read or watch some of the excellent DVDs now available which were not when I first began my journey. Back in “those days” it was never ending treks to the big libraries in Colorado Springs, Denver and Sacramento. Endless hours spent in law libraries and state archives. Finally, along came the personal home computer. Thank you, Al Gore (bechev) for making the “information super highway” our cannon for the truth.

At the risk of repeating myself, you can’t solve a problem until you go back to the beginning. Was/is there really a plot to destroy America as a sovereign nation and create a world government? Yes. Without question.

Hon. Marjorie S. Holt of Maryland
In the House of Representatives
January 19, 1976, page 240

“Mrs. Holt. Mr. Speaker, many of us recently received a letter from the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, inviting Members of Congress to participate in a ceremonial signing of “A Declaration of Interdependence” on January 30 in Congress Hall, adjacent to Independence Hall in Philadelphia. A number of Members of Congress have been invited to sign this document, lending their prestige to its theme, but I want the record to show my strong opposition to this declaration.

“It calls for surrender of our national sovereignty to international organizations. It declares that our economy should be regulated by international authorities. It proposes that we enter a “new world order” that would redistribute the wealth created by the American people. Mr. Speaker, this is an obscenity that defiles our Declaration of Independence, signed 200 years ago in Philadelphia. We fought a great Revolution for independence and individual liberty, but now it proposed that we participate in a world socialist order.

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