Why Are There So Many Liberal Comics and So Few Conservative Ones?

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I was a stand-up comic for 12 years and I met so few conservatives on the  road and saw virtually none on TV and I always wondered why – when at least half  of the country, and therefore, the audiences must themselves be conservatives?  Eventually, through my own experiences in developing, performing and watching  comedy and how audiences react – the answer was clear:

Why are there so many liberal comics and so few conservative ones? Easy – it  comes down to IQ. Now, before you go nuts – I’m talking about a generalization  wide in scope. Obviously the George Carlin’s of the world are of high  intelligence, so don’t come at me with your; “well how about bla bla bla??” I’m  talking about a bigger concept that applies across the board and speaks to the  reality that there just are not as many conservatives as liberals in the comedy  world. You can’t blame it all on Hollywood – there’s more to it. Let me compare  it to politics first:

Pelosi_cvr_smlIt’s  all about truth. When making a political argument or point, a liberal need not  begin with any foundation of fact or history: They have the liberty and the  weapon of being able to just throw out any prevailing liberal notion or  prejudice and assume it as the truth. Not only does the conservative opponent  have to make their case, they must first refute the entire liberal premise as  false.

You’ve heard them a million times – Bush is stupid; The Tea Party is racist;  Christians are backwards; George Zimmerman is white; Republicans invented the  Klan; etc. All false, except in liberal land, which is all around us. But I  don’t believe it’s an evil conspiracy or driven by those who would throw us in  the gulag and make us listen to Rita Rudner. Thing is, the number of folks  pushing this kind of thinking because of an agenda are few in numbers. Most of  whom assume liberal dogma is true lack IQ. This includes Cokie Roberts and the  rest of them. In a nutshell: A lot of them are just dumb-asses.

steve martinIt’s  the same with comedy – even to a higher degree – because to make strangers  laugh, unless you’re a special type of genius (i. e. Steve Martin, in his day),  you must first convince the audience your material is couched in the truth.  Conservatives are held to a much higher standard because their set-ups and  punchlines have to be steeped in truth or people just won’t laugh. You can’t  start out saying; “You know that Hillary Clinton is such a dishonest  incompetent…” The slightest glance at her lack of actual accomplishment and  truckloads of untruths uttered over the years will tell you its true, but no one  in mainstream culture or media have dared to say anything less than she’s the  smartest, most proficient woman that ever was used as a doormat by a scumbag in  history. So people will just shrug if it’s said anywhere, much less for comedic  purposes.

On the other hand, consider; “Halliburton is evil”; “Guns are for  Rednecks”;  or “Sarah Palin is a ditz?” They can all be comedy-starters  because people are just used to hearing and reading it. The media and prevailing  entertainment culture has been telling us that George W. Bush is stupid for so  long that it’s just assumed as truth – despite the fact that he’s demonstrably  smarter than John Kerry or Al Gore.

We all know Mitt Romney is an out of touch, rich, exploiter of the  downtrodden – despite the fact that he’s created more jobs, helped more middle  and lower-class people, enriched more lives and given more money to charity than  probably the top 50 high-profile, filthy rich Democrats combined. John Kerry got  his millions from marrying the widows of rich Republicans – which would be a  fantastic piece of fodder for stand up – except that few of the masses are aware  of it. If Dick Cheney married a widow loaded with dead Democrat money, it would  have been the basis of SNL skits a dozen times over. But Dick Cheney  earned his millions and gives the lion’s share of his earnings to  charity – did you know that? I think if Hillary gave four bucks to PBS there  would be a two-part report about it on CNN, starring Big Bird.

Conversely, Obama is the Savior of the Universe. Period. How can a  conservative say anything about Barack Obama when the entire Western World would  call him a racist? Have you ever see a photo of the people who actually raised  Barack Obama? Me either, and I pay attention. All I ever see is some African guy  who abandoned him. But they never say that. My word, what if Mitt Romney’s  father would have abandoned him and Mitt was raised by black people? Another CNN  two-parter. What if instead of Mitt putting the dog on top of the car, he would  have eaten the dog? Game over.

dennis millerAs  the liberal pundit does, the liberal comic may also throw out any false, but  well-known liberal premise or punch line with its lazy and hackneyed lies, myths  and contrived demonization’s, and get a laugh. I’ll even laugh if its clever  enough – hell, there’s nothing else on. But the conservative comic is afforded  no such luxury. They must work from 100% reality, either brilliantly educating  their audience in an entertaining or crazy fashion or gleaning a premise from a  far smaller set of events, reported from the small percentage of fair coverage  of politics and culture available. This is what conservatives are up against –  and it ain’t easy and therefore there ain’t many of them.

The proof is right in front of you: Think Dennis Miller isn’t a tad higher in  IQ than Rosie O’Donnell? C’mon. On the other hand, it might be that most  conservatives are smart enough not to get into a vapid and destructive business  like the entertainment business. I had a blast for a long time, but I got out  and into politics full time. I’m running for Congress because the truth is if  this ship isn’t turned around, we’re going to run aground in the land of  Socialists – or worse.

I’m hosting “A Night of Conservative Comedy with Evan Sayet” Thurs. the  third of Oct. at the Laugh Factory on the Sunset Strip at 8 PM. It’ll be my  first official campaign appearance, so I hope the audience is as kind to me as  the Accountability Review Board on Benghazi was to Hillary… BLAM!


See you in Hollywood Thursday night:

“I’ve known Rodney Lee for more than ten years and he’s hysterical. He’s  perfect for Congress!” – Ann Coulter

The Laugh Factory8001 Sunset Blvd.Los Angeles, CATHURSDAY NIGHT – 8PM – OCTOBER 3RD

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